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Look Fabulous with new Hair and Beauty Products
L.A. Colors starting at $1
Ambi Cocoa Butter Soap from $1.65 Smooth N Shine Mouse from $2.75 Luster's Pink 2-in-1 from $3.75 Murray's Beeswax from $2.25
Blue Duchess Gel Activator from $1 Fantasia IC Serum from $3 Black Radiance Eyeliner from $3 QH Cholesterol Cream from $3
Cream of Nature Shampoo from $5 Hollywood Argan Oil from $4 Motions Foam Wrap Lotion from $4 BB Tropical Roots Cream from $5
Ultra Sheen Supreme Kit African Pride Shea Cream Cantu Shea Cream
Palmer's Olive Oil Spray Text N Tones Color Silken Black Kit Organic Root Olive Oil Dark and Lovely Black Kit