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Family Dollar has the brands you love!

– Keep yourself and your family healthy and on-the-go with the discount vitamins, supplements and OTC drugs you trust. Whether it's the sniffles or cuts and scrapes, you'll find brands like Tylenol, Band-Aid, Bayer, NyQuil, Aleve and more, not to mention all the discount vitamins and supplements you need to keep your family at its best. Browse all of Family Dollar's discount vitamins and health products and enjoy everyday low prices in a stress-free shopping environment.


vicks, vaporub alka-seltzer, day & night, day, night, liquid, gels, plus nyquil, dayquil, liquicaps, vicks, cold, flu
chloraseptic, sore, throat, spray, cherry alka-seltzer, plus, cold, formula, tablets
halls, cough, drops, cherry pediacare, childrens, liquid, multi-symptom, cold, children delsym, childrens, grape, cough, liquid, suppressant mucinex, fast, max, severe congestion


salonpas, relief, patch, hot excedrin, migraine, relief bayer, aspirin
zzzquil, sleep aid, sleep, liquid goody's, shots, powder, headache, fast, pain, relief
advil, ibuprofen, tablets aleve, tablets, naproxen sodium tylenol, caplets, extra strength, acetaminophen


naturemade, vitamin d centrum, vitamins, tablets, multi-vitamins flintstones, vitamins, complete
boost, nutritional, drinks one-a-day, women's, 50+, advantage ensure, nutritional, drinks


visine, eye, drops benadryl, allergy, relief, cream, tablets children's, benadryl, liquid
afrin, no drip, nasal, spray claritin, allergy, non-drowsy childrens, allegra, allergy, liquid zyrtec, allergy, relief, tablets


tums, antiacid, e-x 750 alka-selzer, tablets pepto bismol, liquid, caplets
gas-x, chewable, tablets zantac, 150, antiacid
pepcid, complete, antiacid prilosec, otc, antiacid
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