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Pay Near Me

Pay your rent, loans, and bills with cash

How does PayNearMe® work? Whether you need to pay for an online purchase, a utility bill, rent, or make a loan repayment, you can do it quickly and easily by paying cash at your nearby Family Dollar store, an official PayNearMe® location. All you need is a bill with a PayNearMe® barcode, a PayNearMe® pay slip, or a PayNearMe® code that was sent to your smart phone. Take it to the check-out counter at any Family Dollar store and pay the cashier the amount scanned. Every week new billers and payees are being added, making it easy to pay cash! You don’t have to wait in long lines or make a special trip to utility payment locations or billers’ offices anymore! Paying your bills with cash is simple, convenient and secure. Visit for more details.

How it works

  1. Consumer receives a PayNearMe card in the mail or a PaySlip through a text message or email from a participating business.
  2. Consumer visits a Family Dollar store where the cashier keys-in the mobile payment code or scans the barcode on the card or PaySlip, and accepts the cash payment.
  3. Cashier provides a receipt as proof of payment. The business receives an instant notification and automatically posts the payment to the consumer’s account.