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Discount Baby Care Essentials

Baby Care

At Family Dollar, you'll find everything you need! From diapers and wipes, to bath products, baby toys, food, and everything in between–we have all the top baby items and brand names you trust, like Gerber, Nuby, Huggies, Luvs, Advil, Johnson's and more. Need to find the perfect baby shower gifts? We have those, too! Shop all of our discount baby items and see why moms who know value–know Family Dollar.

Diapers and Wipes

  • Luvs Diapers

    Luvs Diapers

    assorted ct.

  • Huggies Diapers

    Huggies Diapers

    assorted ct.

  • Kidgets Diapers

    Kidgets Diapers

    assorted ct.

  • Huggies Wipes

    Huggies Wipes

    assorted ct.

  • Luvs Ultra Clean Wipes

    Luvs Ultra Clean Wipes

    assorted ct.

  • Kidgets Baby Wipes

    Kidgets Baby Wipes

    assorted ct.

  • Pull-Ups Training Pants

    Pull-Ups Training Pants

    assorted ct.

  • Goodnites Underpants

    Goodnites Underpants

    assorted ct.

  • Kidgets Training Pants

    Kidgets Training Pants

    assorted ct.

Baby Oils, Powders and Lotions

  • Johnson's Baby Oil

    Johnson's Baby Oil

    14 fl oz.

  • Family Wellness Baby Oil

    Family Wellness Baby Oil

    14 fl oz.

  • Johnson's Baby Powder

    Johnson's Baby Powder

    15 oz.

  • Desitin Diaper Cream Ointment

    Desitin Diaper Cream Ointment

    2 oz.

  • Johnson's Baby Lotion

    Johnson's Baby Lotion

    11 fl oz.

  • Family Dollar Petroleum Jelly

    Family Dollar Petroleum Jelly

    13 oz.

Baby Essentials

  • Gerber Rice Cereal

    Gerber Rice Cereal

    8 oz.

  • Q-tips Cotton Swabs

    Q-tips Cotton Swabs

    500 ct.

  • Family Wellness Cotton Swabs

    Family Wellness Cotton Swabs

    300 and 500 ct.

  • Kidgets Towel Set with Washcloths

    Kidgets Towel Set with Washcloths

    7 pc.

  • Johnson's Wash

    Johnson's Baby Wash

    11 fl oz.

  • Kidgets Nighttime Wash

    Kidgets Nighttime Wash

    15 fl oz.

  • Nuby Soft Spout Easy Grip Cup

    Nuby Soft Spout Easy Grip Cup

    individual item

  • Nuby Soft Spout Easy Grip Cup

    Kidgets Baby Bottles

    assorted ct.

  • Infant Tylenol Cherry Flavor

    Infant Tylenol Cherry Flavor

    2 fl oz.