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Style Yourself Like A Star With Stephany

Hey girl! Your budget isn’t streeeetching as far as it used to is it? Juggling life, a job (or two or three?), raising kids, and taking care of yourself can be tough today.

As the single mom to my adorable 10 year old son, I get it! So how can you rev up your style to look like the chicest career climber at work Friday morning and designer delicious for your man by Friday night? Stick with me honey – I’ll give it to ya straight. I’m going to show you how to get from here to THERE with money to spare.

 And I’ll give you money to shop!

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As a Fashion Expert, at this time of year I give my clients extra attention to transition their wardrobes from winter worn to wonderful. I love creating luxurious looks for less and I want to share my style secrets with you too. Why spend more if you don’t have to? Shed your winter wear and dash to Family Dollar where you’ll be able to find everything that we’ll talk about below!


When you’re looking for extra value for your money, you’ll always find it at Family Dollar. This spring, you’ll see design details and many more such as bias-cut styling. When fabric is cut on the bias, it’s positioned on the body in a diagonal direction that flatters every figure, including my curvy booty. The same high quality and attention to detail in Family Dollar’s clothing and accessories are typically much more expensive at other stores. Bias cuts, embossing, and glitter screenprinting are rare because they’re expensive to produce for practically any other store…except Family Dollar.


You want to make a grand entrance? Make a statement? Knock his socks off? That’s exactly what I did when I snatched up this bias cut, bold geometric black and white splice stripe maxi-dress by Just Be ($12.50), paired with Just Be black faux suede cork platform wedges ($8.00), accessorized with a Just Be fuschia pink stone and gold-toned necklace and earring set ($3.00), and a shiny metallic foil embossed pink and gold clutch Mix & Co. purse ($5.00)…all for only $28.50!

I’m gonna layer, mix and match these yummy clutches, necklaces, and scarves to accessorize all of my spring outfits.


I never know what great deals I’ll find at Family Dollar, so I always make sure to shop up and down every aisle so I don’t miss anything.

I lengthened my eyelashes with New York Color’s Big Bold Ultra Moisturizing Ultra Volume mascara ($5.50). Have you ever heard of spray on lotion? No need to rub it in, no wasting time waiting for it to dry. All you do is spray it on and it dries in an instant. For the icing on my cake, I make my skin glisten with Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer($6.50).


I also found this gorgeous Hybrid top with a glitter screenprinted fleur-de-lis patterned heather grey jersey front and a bias cut sheer chiffon draped back ($10.00), paired with jeans and black faux suede cork platform wedges by Just Be ($8.00), adorned with two Just Be chandelier statement necklaces in blue and pearl ($3.00 each), and a shiny metallic foil animal embossed blue and gold clutch by Just Be ($5.00)…for only $29.00!

Now I’m ready to hit it. Shop, get it, and go!

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By Stephany Greene

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