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How to Refresh Your Master Bathroom with Family Dollar & Glade®

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I love my master bathroom. After a long day, it’s my mommy oasis. But these days, my oasis looks more like a disaster; 2 kids, busy schedules, a full time job. The clutter of our family has piled up in this room. To make matters worse, I've been putting off and putting off decorating the space. I kept telling myself that "I'll get to it one day."

So when Family Dollar asked me to dive into the Glade® "Refresh My Home" challenge, I immediately had the light bulb go off in my head. My mommy oasis, my master bathroom was calling to me, begging for the room makeover I never got around to.


Thankfully, Family Dollar provided me with lots of inspiration, starting with the Glade® Hawaiian Breeze® collection. A tropical mommy oasis? I was definitely inspired. So how does one refresh a master bathroom? You are 5 simple steps away from a tropical oasis of your own.

Purge Clutter

What sits on top of my counters these days? Basically chaos. Who wants to stare at clutter in the middle of paradise? Not me! So go ahead and purge the clutter of your bathroom.

Get Organized

After cleaning off the clutter, it was time to get organized. Thanks to Family Dollar, I was able to pick up some new matching soap dispensers ($6 each) and toothbrush holder ($4) with a modern stainless finish for an instant refresh. It was amazing to see how a few matching pieces can organize a space. Add a couple of woven baskets (only $1 at Family Dollar!) to hold hand towels, and I have a bathroom that is much neater and cleaner.

Add Color & Life

It's not a tropical oasis without a little inspiration from nature. Since I have a tendency to "kill" real plants, this faux orchid (borrowed from another room in the house) added beautiful color to the bathroom. Art is also a great way to refresh your space. My blank bathroom walls were screaming for some color! This beautiful "oasis" inspired framed artwork from Family Dollar is perfect for my family budget at only $12!

Place Your Personal Touch

While my refreshed master bathroom was coming along nicely, I knew that I needed a piece of "me" in the room as well. I actually had a 5-year-old stash of beautiful shells that I was saving to one day decorate my bathroom. Keeping with the tropical feel, I was finally able to display the amazing shell collection properly in the space. I LOVE that each member of our family has touched and added a special memento to our bathroom.

Add scent

A bathroom refresh goes beyond just the look. That's where Glade® comes in! When you refresh your bathroom make sure you use all of your senses and say hello to uplifting tropical scents throughout the room with the Glade® Hawaiian Breeze® collection, now available at Family Dollar. The Glade® Hawaiian Breeze® Wax Melts Warmer adds such a nice oasis ambiance, don't you think?


Family Dollar inspired me to finally decorate my master bathroom, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I hope you have been inspired to create your own personal "refresh" of your home this season. Family Dollar made it easy to refresh my room on a budget with amazing scents from Glade® and a little inspiration!

How would you Refresh Your Home this season?

This Glade scent inspired room refresh was created in connection with my appointment as a contributor to Family Dollar.

By Raising Whasians

TWITTER: @RaisingWhasians

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