Domestic Transportation

Domestic Inbound Transportation: Family Dollar utilizes a state-of-the-art web-enabled Transportation Management System (TMS). Vendors electronically release purchase orders, based on purchase and ship windows created by our merchandising team. Utilizing our TMS, we run an optimization solution, resulting in freight tenders being sent electronically to the most cost effective carriers and the Company's private fleet. Tendering, tracking, and tracing are done centrally at the Corporate Offices. Family Dollar utilizes national & regional TL , LTL , and Intermodal carriers, as well as Consolidators to move product to our Distribution Centers.

Domestic Outbound Transportation: Family Dollar currently enlists the services of several top transportation companies throughout the United States to service our store network. Dedicated fleets offer Family Dollar a cost-effective means of providing service to over 8,000 stores located in 46 states.

Transportation Management System

Offering enhanced solutions for freight optimization, event management and visibility, Family Dollar utilizes a state-of-the-art Transportation Management System to direct freight throughout our network. The Transportation Management System brings greater supply chain efficiencies by managing the movement of freight from our supply partners to our customers, accommodating our rapid growth and reducing total transportation costs.

If you are a Family Dollar Vendor Partner, click here to access Transportation Management System information.

Family Dollar Transportation Vendor Portal
Appointment Scheduling – C3 Reservations
Appointment Scheduling – C3 Reservations Guide (Suppliers)
Appointment Scheduling – C3 Reservations Guide (Carriers)
Family Dollar Distribution Centers

International Transportation

Letters of Credit are opened each year to purchase apparel, shoes, toys, electronics, house-wares, giftware, seasonal goods and other merchandise from all over the world. A large majority of imported merchandise is manufactured and shipped from East Asia, while the balance comes from a variety of countries throughout the world. We utilize several major steamship lines, as well as an NVOCC to meet our international shipping needs. 

As with domestic shipments, import shipments are also tracked utilizing the web-enabled Transportation Management System. This allows for better visibility, control and reporting of shipments from the point of departure at the foreign ports all the way up to the point of merchandise being received at one of our nine Distribution Centers. The event-based nature of our software, provides exception based management, allowing Family Dollar to concentrate its resources where needed, while allowing the remaining shipments to seamlessly flow through the supply chain.

Import Reference Material

THT import guidelines (Applies to THT Issued P.O.’s Only)
Family Dollar Import Guidelines (Applies to FDS Issued P.O.’s Only)
Best Practices For Supply Chain Security – C-TPAT
Import Required Documents Guide
Pre-Loading Container Inspection Certificate
General Certificate of Conformity (FDS-GCC-001)
Plant and Plant Product Declaration Form (FDS-PPPD-001)
Textile Declaration Forms
FCC Form 740 (Radio Frequency Devices)
FDA Form 2788 (Radiation Control Standards)
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Form.pdf 
Origin Inland Bill of Lading
Supplier Responsibility Statement for Anti-Dumping
AGOA Textile Certificate of Origin.pdf 
AGOA Textile Declaration.pdf
DR CAFTA Textile Certificate of Origin.pdf
Drop Ball Test (Certification Statement of Impact Resistance).pdf
Fish and Wildlife Certificate.pdf
GSP Form A Certificate of Origin.pdf
Wooden Handicrafts Questionnaire 

*Please contact the Family Dollar Import team at with any questions regarding the above documents