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Q: Where is the nearest Family Dollar store?

A: Visit our Store Locator to find a Family Dollar store near you. You can search by zip code or by city.


Q: What kind of merchandise will I find at a Family Dollar store?

A: Every Family Dollar store carries the national brands you like, plus our own quality brands, all at great prices. And you’ll discover that we have just about any category of products you’re looking for, including household cleaning, laundry and paper essentials, your favorite foods and beverages, home decor, baby products, apparel, pet supplies, automotive needs, and beauty and health items. You’ll also find seasonal and holiday products like gifts, candy, even barbecue grills and outdoor toys. And every item is at the low Family Dollar prices you’ve come to expect.


Q: Can I purchase your products online at your website or over the internet?

A: At this time, Family Dollar does not offer our merchandise for sale on the internet. Please continue to shop for our everyday low priced merchandise at your local, convenient Family Dollar store.


Q: Do you accept checks?

A: Family Dollar accepts preprinted personal checks at most locations from the local trade area for the amount of purchase with proper identification. All checks are subject to bank verification.


Q: Who to contact for return checks?

A: Questions concerning letters for returned checks, call 1-800-366-2425.


Q: Do you accept debit cards or credit cards?

A:  Family Dollar accepts most PIN-BASED and combination debit cards in all locations.  We do accept credit cards in most locations.


Q: What is the policy for returning merchandise at Family Dollar?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with any merchandise purchase at a Family Dollar Store, please return the merchandise (within 30 days) to any Family Dollar Store. If you have a receipt, a refund will be issued to the original form of payment or exchanged for other merchandise item(s). Without a receipt, a Family Dollar return card will be issued. At stores that accept EBT food cards, any food items purchased with an EBT food card and returned without a receipt can be exchanged for other food items only.


Q: How long does it take for a refund to return to my debit or credit card?

A: Electronic Refunds may take up to 30 business days to return to a customer’s debit/credit card.


Q: Do you accept coupons?

A: Family Dollar accepts coupons in most stores. Please click here for our coupon policy.


Q: Are all smart coupons considered FD Coupons ? Click here for Smart Coupons FAQs.

A: No.  Smart coupons consist of manufacturer coupons as well as Family Dollar store coupons. Family Dollar Store Coupons will state “FD Store Coupon”.


Q: Can I purchase a prepaid card with a credit card?

A: No.  Prepaid cards cannot be purchased with credit cards.  Prepaid cards can only be purchased with cash or debit payments.


Q: Can I receive a refund on a prepaid financial card?

A: No.  All Prepaid Financial card sales are final.


Q: Can I return a prepaid wireless card?

A: Yes, if the minutes have NOT  been used  on the card you can return the card.


Q: Does Family Dollar offer franchises?

A: Family Dollar does not offer franchises. If you have property you would like to lease or sell to Family Dollar, please visit our Real Estate site or Contact Us.


Q: Are there employment opportunities at Family Dollar?

A: Visit our Careers site for opportunities at our Stores, Distribution Centers or Corporate Headquarters. If you are interested in employment in one of our stores, you also may contact your nearest Family Dollar store.


Investor Relations

Q: Where can I access past Family Dollar Financial records?

A: Past Family Dollar financial records and company filings (prior to July 6, 2015) can be found online at the SEC website.


Q: What will Family Dollar shareholders receive after the merger between Dollar Tree and Family Dollar closes?

A: Each share of Family Dollar common stock will automatically be converted into the right to receive $59.60 in cash, plus (approximately) 0.2484 shares of Dollar Tree common stock- the total of this cash and stock is referred to as the “merger consideration.” If, after this conversion, anyone holds fractional shares of Dollar Tree stock (ie. less than one full share), such fractional shares will be converted to cash according to a preset formula.

(Please note that the foregoing summary has been simplified for purposes of this FAQ and is qualified by the terms of the Merger Agreement. Please reach out to with any questions.


Q: How will I receive the merger consideration after the merger between Dollar Tree and Family Dollar closes?

A: If you hold your shares in certificated form or through Family Dollar’s ESPP, Dollar Tree’s exchange agent, Computershare, will mail you a letter of transmittal and some other paperwork immediately after the closing. You must complete that paperwork and return it to Computershare. You will then receive the merger consideration that you are due.

If you hold shares as a registered holder or through a broker through Depository Trust Company (“DTC”), you will receive your merger consideration from DTC or your broker after the merger closes.

(Please note that the foregoing summary has been simplified for purposes of this FAQ and is qualified by the terms of the Merger Agreement. Please reach out to with any questions.


Q: What will holders of Family Dollar equity awards receive after the merger between Dollar Tree and Family Dollar closes?

A: If you hold Stock Options: After the merger closes, each of your outstanding Family Dollar stock options will be converted into Dollar Tree stock options of substantially equivalent value. The vesting schedule of your converted Dollar Tree stock options will be the same as that of the original Family Dollar stock options.

If you hold Restricted Stock Unit Awards: After the merger closes, each of your outstanding Family Dollar restricted stock unit awards will be converted into Dollar Tree restricted stock unit awards of substantially equivalent value. The vesting schedule of your converted Dollar Tree restricted stock unit awards will be the same as that of the original Family Dollar restricted stock unit awards.

If you hold Performance Share Rights: After the merger closes, each of your outstanding Family Dollar performance share right awards will be canceled, and you will receive the merger consideration (less applicable tax withholding) with respect to each share of Family Dollar common stock determined to be subject to the award. The number of shares of Family Dollar common stock subject to each award will be determined based on preset criteria and will be prorated based on the portion of the performance period that has elapsed as of the date the merger closes.

(Please note that the foregoing summary has been simplified for purposes of this FAQ and is qualified by the terms of the relevant plan documents and the Merger Agreement. Please reach out to with any questions.)


Real Estate

Q: What demographics does Family Dollar look for?

A: Family Dollar serves low to middle income customers. We look for a minimum of 8,000 people in our trade area.


Q: How big is Family Dollar's trade area?

A: Family Dollar's trade areas typically range from a one (1) mile radius in densely populated urban areas to a ten (10) mile radius in rural towns.


Q: How much rent does Family Dollar pay?

A: Rents are determined by market conditions and sales projections. Family Dollar expects to pay less than market rent because we are a credit tenant, and we have a proven track record as a successful retailer.



Q: How do I go about getting on the bidder list?

A: Click here to view Family Dollar Contractor's Qualification Requirements and Senior Project Manager Contact information. Send the completed Qualified Requirements forms to the Construction contact listed for your state.


Q: Does Family Dollar only use large national contractors?

A: Most of our contractors are medium to large size contractors, many of which have worked for us for more than ten years.


Q: Will all of these stores be located in new buildings?

A: A large number of our new locations will be located in existing neighborhood shopping centers, where we renovate an existing space to meet our current specifications. We also build freestanding stores from the ground up.


Q: Does Family Dollar ever contract directly with subcontractors?

A: Because of the number of projects, we only work directly with general contractors.


Q: How busy can I expect to be, if I become a Family Dollar approved contractor?

A: If you have a construction crew that is willing to travel, we have many medium to large size contractors that stay busy the majority of the year working for Family Dollar.


Q: Do I need to be bondable?

A: While we do not bond every project, we are looking for contractors that are bondable. The bonding company must be an A- bonding company.


Q: Will Family Dollar advance funds to help a contractor get a project started?

A: Family Dollar does not advance funds, but since we are a multi-billion dollar company with limited long-term debt most contractors working for us have been able to secure a line of credit with their local financial institution.


Q: What is the size of the average project?

A: The projects can range from $40,000 for a minor renovation, up to $800,000 for a ground up project including site work.


Q: What can I expect after submitting a completed vendor package?

A: You should expect to receive a written reply within 90 days of receipt of your package.


Q: How do I become a Non-Merchandise Supplier for Family Dollar?

A: At Family Dollar, we strive to provide procurement opportunities to qualified suppliers. If you would like to be considered for future opportunities, you should register your company by completing our New Supplier Registration Questionnaire. Once registered your company's information will be available to our Procurement Team.


Distribution Center Questions

Q: What are the hours for Family Dollar's Distribution Centers?

A: The hours of operation for all Distribution Centers are located in the Family Dollar Routing, Shipping and Packaging Instructions.

Q: Where can I find directions to Family Dollar Distribution Centers?

A: All Family Dollar Distribution Center locations have an automated phone system for directions. Call the number listed below, and follow the instructions. Or, follow the links below to visit the corresponding Distribution Center's homepage, which contains printable directions.


Distribution Center Phone Number
Ashley, IN 260-587-2000​
Duncan, OK 580-470-1700
Front Royal, VA 540-635-6660
Maquoketa, IA 563-652-7300
Marianna, FL 850-526-6500
Matthews, NC 704-847-6961
Morehead, KY 606-780-7960
Odessa, TX 432-367-1300
Rome, NY 315-838-2500
St. George, UT 435-688-6600
West Memphis, AR 870-732-3264


Q: Do the Distribution Centers close for holidays?

A: Family Dollar observes the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.


Carrier Questions

Q: Can any carrier drop their trailer?

A: No. In order to maintain adequate space on our yards, only approved carriers are authorized to drop trailers.


Q: How early can approved drop carriers drop their trailers prior to their appointment?

A: Up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery appointment.


Q: After a trailer is dropped, when can a carrier expect the trailer to be empty?

A: Family Dollar has 72 hours from the original delivery appointment to unload a dropped trailer.


Q: What are the receiving hours for Family Dollar's Distribution Centers?

A: Hours of operation for all the Distribution Centers can be found in the Routing, Shipping and Packaging Instructions. NOTE: This document is in PDF format. To read it, you'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, download it here.


Q: If I miss my appointment can I still deliver?

A: Prepaid Carriers can call the receiving department to ask to be worked in. If the carrier is extremely late or cannot be worked in, the driver must contact his dispatch office to be rescheduled. Collect Carriers must call their dispatch office for instructions.


Fleet Questions

Q: How do I report if a Family Dollar truck is being driven in an unsafe manner?

A: Call Family Dollar Trucking - 704-847-6961, ext. #4589.


Vendor/Routing Questions

Q: Can a vendor ship multiple LTL shipments to all Family Dollar Distribution Centers at one time on the same carrier?

A: Vendors shipping Collect must use the GLog Vendor Tender Notification to know what purchase orders and quantities to ship via the correct carrier. Vendors shipping Prepaid will ship according to the buyer's instructions on the purchase order and will utilize the Routing, Shipping and Packaging Instructions for more information.


Q: Can a vendor break down a pallet and stack loose cases on the floor or on top of pallets, in order to fit a complete shipment on one trailer?

A: Yes, as long as each loose case is individually labeled.


Q: What should I do to confirm an appointment for a routing?

A: Vendors shipping Prepaid will follow the instructions in the Routing, Shipping and Packaging Instructions, Part IV – Prepaid Vendor Instructions.