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Baby Budgeting For 2013

The holidays have come and gone and the New Year has rolled right on in. I love a New Year’s resolution that has to do with saving money and budgeting. Probably because right after Christmas we’re pinching pennies after spending anything extra on gifts!

One of my resolutions this year was to find new ways to save money for our family. I was in Family Dollar a few weeks ago and noticed that they have their own brand of diapers and wipes – Kidgets Brand.

I currently have one little guy in diapers. But, at the beginning of February we will be adding another little baby to our family! Which means two in diapers. That can get downright spendy!

I normally buy generic brand diapers and wipes from a well known store. They have always been hit or miss for our family, though. Some nights my little guy stays dry and others he leaks right through. But, buying the name brand diapers is out of the question for us right now. So I have just made due.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try Family Dollar’s diapers and wipes. They were much cheaper than what I had been purchasing and if they leaked it wouldn’t be any different than the diapers I had been using.

I am almost through my entire bag of diapers and have yet to have a single leak! I am sold!!! The wipes are also incredible. They are soft and pliable with a pleasant scent.

I am so excited to switch over to the Kidget brand of diapers and wipes this coming year and even more excited to be saving my family a nice little chunk of change!

If you’re a mom of little ones in diapers, I highly recommend giving Family Dollar’s diapers and wipes a try!

By Ashley

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