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Great Gifts on a Budget

It’s that time of year again—time when budgets get a little tighter because your gift-giving list seems to keep growing.  Never fear, I’ve rounded up a few inexpensive gift ideas to treat the loved ones on your list without breaking the bank… and perhaps have a little left over to treat yourself as well.


My kids are obsessed with Family Dollar pajamas.  They come in adorable patterns and bright colors with great themes.  Here are two I picked up for under the tree—gumballs for my daughter and an octopus for my son.  Aren’t they cute?!


This super soft bathrobe would make a great gift for the women on your list.  It’s so soft, it’s like a warm cozy hug.  Moms, sisters, and best friends would love to get this as a gift! A matching soft nightgown with a heart pattern completes the look.  I got the set on sale, making this even more of a great gift idea for those on a budget.



Family Dollar has slippers for every member of the family.  My favorites were these corduroy slippers for men as well as the bunny slippers for kids.  They’re the perfect gift because they bring warmth and comfort to those you love… with a dash of cute for those bunny slippers, of course.


Cold Weather Gear:

The teachers at my kids’ preschool specifically recommend mittens over gloves because of the ease of use, so these packs of mittens are a great buy. My daughter snagged them as I was taking photos: she’s already a fan.  They fit perfectly, and multiple pairs mean we won’t shed a tear if one gets lost.


Older kids will appreciate soft gloves, like this pair that reminds me of candy canes.  Hang them on the tree and they’ll double as ornaments!

But my favorite pair of gloves in the entire store was what I bought for myself.  They’re a perfect discount gift for any techie on your list because they have special silver thread on the fingers that allows you to use touch screen phones while wearing them.  Perfect for the blogging/ texting/ phone loving people on your list… so, pretty much everyone.


Gifts Under $5:

Looking for stocking stuffers?  Fuzzy socks make a wonderful holiday gift! These coin purses were also under $5.  My daughter has had her eye on this owl for a while, so she’ll be super excited to see it in her stocking.


Of course, most of the items listed above—mittens, gloves, kids pajamas, and more—are also $5 or less.  In fact, the store is full of discount gift ideas in the $5 or less category, which means lots of stocking stuffers, gift basket fillers, and tokens of appreciation for teachers and neighbors.

With these great buys, I was able to fill all the wishes on my gift list as well as purchase a few extra items to donate to local shelters.  It feels good to both give to those we love, and also to those in need.  With these budget gift ideas, you can certainly do both—with a little something for yourself, too!

By Carrie of Making Lemonade

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