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Warm Winter Jammies

Fall is officially upon us, which means the nights have turned chilly! My kids have been wearing their summer jammies up until a few weeks ago. I knew it was time to switch to warmer jammies when they would wake up several times during the night saying they were cold.

I pulled out their winter jammies only to discover that they have all had huge growth spurts since last fall! I don’t know about you, but I despise spending money on pajamas. I’d rather spend my money for the kids clothing on cute outfits!

I vaguely remembered seeing pajama sets for children at Family Dollar. I headed to the store and discovered that they did indeed have precious pajamas!

I needed three different sizes for the kids. They had a fantastic selection and I was able to find a set of pajamas for each child. I loved the patterns they had for each gender. Nothing too cheesy!

I’m very particular about pajamas for my children. They have to be soft and they have to wash well.

I was a little hesitant about buying pajamas from Family Dollar because of the price. I paid $5 a pair. I thought for that price they might be a little on the cheap side.

We have now had the pajamas for over a week and a half. They have been worn four times and washed three times. I am not kidding when I say Family Dollar jammies are just as good (if not better) quality as any department store jammies!

I love the thickness and softness of them – exactly what I want to put my kids in after their baths at night. After each wash, the color and size of each pajama stayed true to its original condition.

I also purchased a set of slippers for each child. The floors in our home are wood and can be extra chilly in the mornings! The quality of the slippers is just as excellent as the pajamas!

After my pajama “test,” I made sure to head back to Family Dollar to stock up on more jammies for the kids! From one mom to another…trust me when I say they are FANTASTIC!

Here’s to a warm winter!

Now hurry to your Family Dollar and stock up on your own warm jammies!

By Ashley

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