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The Baker Boy Hat For Less

Get into this trendy fall look from Family Dollar with Ijeoma Kola from Klassy Kinks!

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Although I’m a huge fan of wide brimmed felt hats, there’s a new hat shape that’s currently super popular. There are a ton of different names for the shape, including baker boy, newsboy, cabbie, or page boy hats. No matter what they’re called, there’s no denying that they’re super cute!

I always like to save money on the latest trendy pieces because there’s no telling how long they’ll be in style. This hat came from Family Dollar, and was under $5. That’s less than the cost of a coffee!

This baker boy hat is the perfect accessory for a fall outfit, so I wore it with a sweater dress, a scarf vest (also from Family Dollar!), and a pair of over-the-knee boots. I tried it on with my natural hair, but felt like I didn’t have enough length to make it stand out. This straight wig looks a lot like my straightened natural hair and worked well with the hat!

If you remember from this post, Family Dollar has a surprising selection of fashion clothing and accessories at super affordable prices. If you’re looking for a new hat to add to your fall wardrobe, head to your nearest Family Dollar!

This post is sponsored by Family Dollar. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Klassy Kinks!

By Ijeoma Kola

TWITTER: @KlassyKinks

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