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DIY Painted Mason Jars To The Home Décor Rescue

It’s no secret that I adore Mason Canning Jars! I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a 12-pack of quart sized jars at my local Family Dollar! What I love most about canning jars is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to their use. Obviously, you could use them for canning, but I have yet to master that art. So instead I choose to craft with them!

After wandering around the house looking for areas of my home that were in need of a little canning jar love, I found the perfect spot! I was in desperate need of a new utensil holder next to my stove. My current one was just a plain jane metal one. I definitely could have used the jar as it already was. A clean mason jar is beautiful in and of itself.

However, I was feeling a little crafty! I bought a roll of painters tape and a can of white spray paint from Family Dollar. Both were super inexpensive!

I then took one of my mason jars and wrapped various parts of it in painters tape. I took another one and cut out circles from the painters tape and applied them all over the jar. For third jar, I cut scalloped edges out of my painters tape before I applied it to my jar. I made sure to cover the tops of each jar with extra tape. I didn’t want any paint to get on the inside of my jars!

I then took them outside and gave them two good coats of the white spray paint. I let them sit outside until they were fully dry. Once they were dry, I peeled off the painters tape. This was the best part! I loved seeing the completed designs! Next time I am going to experiment with different patterns. Maybe stars or a chevron print!?

One of the jars was of course used for my new utensil holder. I love it!

Another jar made itself useful by being a candy jar for my fall candy corn!

And the last jar has yet to find a purpose. Maybe a votive candle holder? I’m thinking my fireplace mantle would look cute with a row of painted canning jars filled with votive candles! This was such an easy and inexpensive home DIY!

It felt good to get my craft on for under $10! My next project… learning how to use canning jars the way they were intended to be used. Canning food!

Wish me luck!

By Ashley

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