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Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

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Who is luckier than ducks during the spring? If you said children, you're absolutely right. After staying indoors for the entire winter I know my kids are really excited to get outside to play, enjoy the fresh blooms, fly kites and go Easter egg hunting. Only one little problem? Spring bring lots of showers. Personally, I love rainy days but my little ones get antsy when it pours so it's important to keep a few handy spring crafts around to keep them entertained on those days when they're stuck indoors. Family Dollar is one of my favorite stores to pick up fun crafts for children. This season they did not disappoint; I found paint activity kits, Easter candy and Easter grass to help my kids use their creativity to bring the outdoors indoors on the days they can't get out. Easy Easter crafts are the way to go especially if you feel like you're not a super crafty mom. This is what we made, it was very easy:

I set them both up with Easter egg paint activity kits that I was able to snag for only $1; see why I enjoy Family Dollar? These would also be perfect for Easter class parties or for play dates.

We decided that we were going to make our eggs into baby chicks so the kids went ahead and painted the eggs yellow. What I love about the paint that comes in the packet is that it dries very quickly.

Once the paint dried, we used orange poster board paper that we found in the stationary aisle to make the orange beak for our chicks. This was really simple; we just cut the construction paper into a very small diamond. Then we bent the diamond in half, which gave us two triangles. We stuck the lower triangle to the egg in the area where the chick's beak should be. We didn't use any glue for this; we just stuck it on while the paint was drying and it attached itself. Then we added craft eyes above the beak and voila; our baby chicks were complete!

We were able to create an outdoor setting with Easter grass that we also found at Family Dollar. We were so excited to find it as we knew it would give our chicks more of an outdoor feeling.

What's Easter without a bunny? Not only do these fun Easter paint activity sets come with eggs, they also come with bunnies. Fun, right?

We painted our bunny and he hopped along for yummy (well actually, gummy) carrots. That's the thing; you can let your children's imagination run very, very, wild with this fun interactive Easter craft.

I hope this craft inspires you to have some fun with your kids this spring. Remember that you don't have to be super crafty - just have a little imagination!

By Adanna Dill

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