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Big Game Party Ideas

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Are you getting excited for the big game? The moment we've been waiting for all football season? It's the perfect chance to host a fun and tasty party. Inviting a crowd over can get pricey, so today I'm sharing big game party ideas that won't break your budget. Using shortcuts like DIY decorations, making clever choices and by matching sales with coupon savings you can make your money stretch a lot further. Get ready to eat, play and hopefully win!

DIY Football Party Decor
Making your own simple banner is easy. My favorite go-to supplies at Family Dollar for this are construction paper and tissue paper. For a football themed party, I wanted a banner that was inspired by a grassy football field. To make this, cut sheets of green construction paper in half and then cut strands down one side. Stack a few sheets together at a time. Then tape the sheets together to hang them behind your party table or wherever you want to make things a bit more festive.

To make a matching party table, I usually opt for a plastic party tablecloth which they have at Family Dollar. But, when I was shopping for my party, I spotted the perfect green colored Microplush throw. I love the grassy look for football parties so instead of a tablecloth, I decided to use this throw instead. Brilliant because you can throw in the wash later and use it again for another party or as a throw.

Make a sign and set the theme. I am totally in love with printing my own signs and using a clipboard to display it. I found this at Family Dollar too. It just takes minutes and is another way to add value to your party without adding cost. Score! ‘Eat Play Win’ just seemed perfect for a big game party spread. Get creative with yours!

Football Party Foods
When we think of football munchies, handheld snacks are a must. From tasty chips and dips to delicious cracker creations; keep it simple by choosing classic favorites that you know your guests will love.

Check your local Family Dollar weekly ad to find the best savings. I was able to take advantage of some big savings by matching deals on football party favorites, like Pepsi and Cheetos, to Family Dollar Smart Coupons. You should check them out too for big savings!

Add another splash of fun to a football party by checking for budget friendly themed serving dishes at Family Dollar. I picked up a large chip and dip serving dish shaped like a football and then individual sized football shaped bowls. Seriously cute.

Make simple but delicious creations like these Spicy Pickle Crackers! To make a quick and tasty appetizer, I mixed cream cheese with my favorite hot sauce and spread over crackers. Then sprinkled a little shredded cheese and topped with a pickle slice. They are SO good.

Since your guests will be over for at least a few hours to watch the big game, make sure to serve up something filling too. I found a great deal on game day edition frozen pizza on my trip to Family Dollar. To make your pizza stretch further, cut it into smaller pieces.

Other budget friendly filling game day foods that I like to serve are chili in bread bowls and of course chicken wings. You just can't go wrong!

Get ready to save! Shop Family Dollar for great deals and save even more when you use their Smart Coupons! Happy Saving!

By Dawn Lopez

TWITTER: @dawnchats

FACEBOOK: Cutefetti

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