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Strawberry S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dig into this super tasty and easy-to-make strawberry s'more ice cream sandwich with Dawn Lopez from Cutefetti!

Strawberry S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

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S'mores are the perfect summer treat. Today, I have a new and exciting way to serve them that will keep your family cool. These Strawberry S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches are easy to make, too. We'll take some basic ingredients like graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate and add strawberry ice cream to it. Get creative, there are so many fun combinations to try. The final result is delicious.

Strawberry S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Here's what you need to make a batch of Strawberry S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches. You can use any flavor of ice cream that you love. I've made this recipe with chocolate ice cream too and they were really delicious.

  • 9 Graham crackers, broken in half
  • 1 cup hot fudge ice cream topping or chocolate chips. You can also do half and half.
  • 1.5 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 2 cups strawberry ice cream, softened
  • 9" Baking Dish
  • Foil

You'll need a 9" foil-lined pan to make these. Layer half of the graham crackers on the bottom of the pan. Next, spread with half of the fudge topping &/or chocolate chips and sprinkle all of the marshmallows on top.

Then, spread your softened ice cream right over these layers. Add your remaining fudge topping or chocolate chips. Finally, top with the remaining graham squares. Cover and freeze for several hours or overnight. Let them defrost for a few minutes before cutting and serving.

You might want to make a double batch, these will get eaten quickly.

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By Dawn Lopez

TWITTER: @dawnchats

FACEBOOK: @Cutefetti

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