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Easy Halloween Spider Cookies & Fun Party Ideas

Check out these spooktacular Spider Cookies from Family Dollar with Dawn Lopez from Cutefetti!

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Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. From cute eats to spooky treats, there's so much fun to be had. There's no shortage of amazing party ideas you can plan on a budget when you shop at your local Family Dollar. I put together some of my very favorite Halloween ideas this season to share today. I'm also excited to share an easy tutorial showing you how make spider cookies. Don't worry, they're super cute and won't scare you away!

I love a cute party with a lot of treats and just a few tricks. So, let's have some Halloween fun!

Easy Halloween Spider Cookies

Make your party extra memorable with these easy Halloween Spider Cookies made with only 5 ingredients. They are so simple to put together, even the kids can help. Here's what you need to make these:

Body: Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Cookies (Family Gourmet brand)

Legs: Pretzel Sticks (I used the pretzels from J.R. Dippers packs)

Eyes: Spice Drops (Catawba brand is a $1 WOW item)

Fangs: Candy Corn, white tips. (Catawba brand is a $1 WOW item)

Chocolate Frosting to hold it all together.

When it comes to Halloween, I'm all about a gathering. That means, when I shop for items I have to keep in mind that we need costumes, makeup, snacks, fun items for the kids to use, and a few things for an after-party clean-up. Yes, I think of it all.

We love to go all out with costumes, and a makeup kit is essential. I love when we can find a large one that the whole family can use, like this cool kit we found at Family Dollar. Look at all of those makeup options for five dollars!

When we have gatherings, I love to have the kids leave with a trick-or-treat bag. Some years we do a "decorate your own bag" craft, and some years I luck out and find cute and inexpensive bags to give away. These assorted variety Halloween bags are huge and only a dollar, which is part of Family Dollar's everyday low prices. A dollar at Family Dollar. I can dig it.

Let's talk candy. When it comes to treats and other fun things like this, I hit up Smart Coupons, the new digital clipping program from Family Dollar. Smart Coupons is such an easy way for us deal seekers to save. I love to use it right in my local Family Dollar while I'm shopping the aisles.

Last but not least, the costumes! We actually dress up the whole week before Halloween, so we need lots of different costumes and accessories at an affordable price. We loved the selection at Family Dollar, with costumes as low as five dollars, and a few Halloween accessories in their $1 WOW section. We ended up with everything we need to celebrate Halloween for under thirty-four dollars. Yes!

Family Dollar is constantly offering great weekly deals, so be sure to check out the Family Dollar website for their up to date spooktacular savings. Also, text SMART to 28767 to sign up for Smart Coupons right on your phone!

By Dawn Lopez

TWITTER: @dawnchats

FACEBOOK: @Cutefetti

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