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Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party Decor Tips

I have to admit that since I became a parent, Halloween's become one of my absolute favorite times of the year. We love to get dressed up, decorate and trick or treat. Halloween decorations are spooky but with very little ones, I try to keep them not-so-spooky in an effort not to ruin the fun. Talking about fun, Halloween parties are always a blast so I wanted to share a few tips to plan a family-friendly one this season. These ideas are fabulous and fun yet very affordable at Family Dollar stores where I purchased all of these decorations.

Plan a color theme.
I went with traditional black, white orange and purple. I made sure to have everything blend... even my food! Oranges, white donuts, popcorn, Cheetos, blueberries are all snacks that would fit into this color scheme really well. You can also choose to use purple and black, purple, green and black, black and white, or white and orange.

Add spookiness to your party food.
I added creepy touches like bats over the oranges and spiders crawling around the donuts to make the food more exciting and make the party feel a little bit creepier.

Overload on cobwebs
You can't ever have too many spider webs during the Halloween season. I used black poster boards from Family Dollar's stationary aisle and covered them with cobwebs for my backdrop, then I added a few layers of cobwebs over my tablecloth. This is not only a great way to protect your tablecloth, the texture of the webs gave a very eerie touch.

Use battery lanterns
I'm a huge fan of lanterns and I love to see them throughout the season especially when we turn down the lights in our home at night. I picked up this gorgeous purple lantern. I was really floored by how cheap it was. This was my children's favorite decoration because they really enjoyed watching the colors change.

Add personality to your plates
I found these cool orange plates at Family Dollar and I knew they would be perfect for my eerie celebration. I added personality to them by attaching a monster mouth and eyes to the plates that I made using black construction paper.

Have fun with fake pumpkins
Real pumpkins are wonderful but they can get messy for parties, especially with kids. For this celebration, I went with fake pumpkins as an alternative and jazzed them up with black construction paper, adding eyes and mouths to them.

Lighting is everything.
Halloween should be dark and scary but we need some light, so in addition to lanterns, I got purple string lights. It's a fun touch that really brings the entire look together.

I hope these tips help you to plan an unforgettable Halloween party. I was really impressed with the offerings at Family Dollar stores and none of these decorations were more than $5, they are very affordable!

Oh and remember to be smart about getting not-so-spooky and take advantage of Family Dollar’s digital Smart Coupons program. Enjoy saving big during this wicked season!

By Adanna Dill

TWITTER: @RattlesandHeels

FACEBOOK: RattlesandHeels

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