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Easy Halloween Spider Cookies & Fun Party Ideas

Check out these spooktacular Spider Cookies from Family Dollar with Dawn Lopez from Cutefetti!

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Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. From cute eats to spooky treats, there's so much fun to be had. There's no shortage of amazing party ideas you can plan on a budget when you shop at your local Family Dollar. I put together some of my very favorite Halloween ideas this season to share today. I'm also excited to share an easy tutorial showing you how make spider cookies. Don't worry, they're super cute and won't scare you away!

I love a cute party with a lot of treats and just a few tricks. So, let's have some Halloween fun!

Easy Halloween Spider Cookies

Make your party extra memorable with these easy Halloween Spider Cookies made with only 5 ingredients. They are so simple to put together, even the kids can help. Here's what you need to make these:

Body: Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Cookies (Family Gourmet brand)

Legs: Pretzel Sticks (I used the pretzels from J.R. Dippers packs)

Eyes: Spice Drops (Catawba brand is a $1 WOW item)

Fangs: Candy Corn, white tips. (Catawba brand is a $1 WOW item)

Chocolate Frosting to hold it all together.

You'll need four pretzel sticks for each cookie. Start by carefully cutting the pretzel sticks in half to make eight "legs". Use chocolate frosting on the bottom side of each of the Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Cookies and press the pretzel legs in. Let the frosting set so that the pretzels will stay secure. Once they are secure, turn over the cookies.

Cut the tips off of each spice drop and use the base for the spider "eyes". Since they will be extra sticky, you can simply press them into the front of each cookie.

For the final step, trim the white tips off of each piece of candy corn. Use a tiny dab of chocolate frosting to place the "fangs" into the front part of each cookie. Let them set and they are all set to serve. Could that be any simpler? Kids will totally love these!

Halloween Treats

It's easy to stretch your Halloween budget when you shop at Family Dollar for your favorite candy. Take advantage of their $1 WOW candy that's perfect for the season such as Candy Corn and Sour Neon Gummy Worms.

You can also stock up on your favorite name brand candy for a great price. Make sure to keep an eye on Family Dollar's weekly deals to see what's hot right now.

To display all of your delicious candy selections, check out these cute trick or treat pails available at Family Dollar. I love them so much and they add a lot of flair to your spread.

Add more creepy cuteness to your table with all of the budget friendly decor at Family Dollar. My favorite picks include mini signs that read "creepy" and "spooky", glittery tea lights and black glittery spiders.

It's not a Halloween party without pumpkins. This light up pumpkin changes colors and will add a festive pop to your party.

For final touches, check out the party section for matching tableware, plastic tablecloths, balloons and streamers!

Are you ready to create your own Halloween fun? Find a Family Dollar location near you to get started.

What's your favorite pick from my party spread?

By Dawn Lopez

TWITTER: @dawnchats

FACEBOOK: @Cutefetti

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