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DIY Makeover with Family Dollar

Most of the time when I am not out and about in the city doing my blogging thing, I am at home sans makeup and with my natural hair in a high bun.

I’m a no muss, no fuss kinda girl, but on special occasions I do like to get dolled up. Now most of us are not lucky enough to have a make up artist on-demand and with summer right around the corner, I am glad that Family Dollar is here to help us with DIY Makeovers.

As a #FDFabulous Blogger, I was introduced to the fabulousness that is Family Dollar during last year’s Family Dollar Fabulous Event in Atlanta. Family Dollar not only carries EVERYTHING you need to enhance your face, but they also carry products to take care of your hair and nails too (without breaking the bank!) Lucky for me, I get to practice for the big day!

Let’s start with make up. If you are anything like me a little enhancement goes a long way. I don’t like to wear much make up, however I do love to play with eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and just a little color on the lips. At Family Dollar you can get many of the make up brands that we know and love like Maybelline and Cover Girl and even one of my absolute favorites- L.A. Colors.

For my DIY Inspired look, I treated myself to the following products from the L.A. Colors Cosmetics Line:

HD Waterproof Mascara
High Shine Shea Butter Lip Gloss
Chunky Lip Color
18 Colors Eye Shadow
Grafix Eyeliner

For my hair it’s just a simple wash and go twist out using the following Creme of Nature products including: Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo & Intense Conditioning Treatment.

Let’s not forget about the nails! To give my look an added pop, I simply pressed on these Fing'rs Edge Press On Nails, which offer temporary fabulousness for any day.

Put it all together and you get my signature natural look that helps me feel beautiful.


As you can see Family Dollar carries all you need and more for a complete DIY Makeover.

To learn more about Family Dollar and their awesome beauty brands check them out on social media by following the hashtag: #FDFabulous and you can also follow Family Dollar on Facebook & Twitter.

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By Stacey Taylor

TWITTER: @TheSistahChick

FACEBOOK: TheSistahChick

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