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Summer is almost here, the weather is getting warmer and everyone is working on their summer beach body. While that does mean lots of working out and eating healthy, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be a beauty girl. There are several essential beauty products that should always be stocked in your gym bag to help you maintain your fabulous swag during and after your workout.

From wipes, body sprays to concealer, stock-up on these beauty goodies below!

Facial/Body Wipes

These can be a lifesaver to help clean up excess sweat after your work out. I love how durable these Clean & Clear wipes are for wiping your face and the rest of your body. The scent of these wipes are amazing as well


Keeping deodorant in your gym bag is a MUST. I like to use the Degree Dry MotionSense Spray to quickly help with minimizing sweating and to keep me fresh.  I love how light this deodorant is and how powerful it is to keep you fresh.

Body Spray

I usually do not wear body spray because I prefer perfume, but these are perfect for a light and fresh scent. The Body Fantasies brand has a wide range of scents that will keep you fresh for the duration of your workout and after - almost like you didn’t go to the gym at all.


You never know when dry skin will hit! I hate dry skin in general, but I really hate it when I am wearing my gym shorts and tank tops - no one wants to look ‘ashy’! I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula! This lotion is an oldie, but goodie at making your skin feel supple and moisturized for an instant glow.


Mascara is just great PERIOD. Although I don’t recommend wearing a full face of makeup at the gym, there is nothing wrong with a good mascara. COVERGIRL’s The Super Sizer mascara is my ultimate favorite! This mascara will make your lashes so long and full that you will look like you have falsies on. Although it doesn’t mention that it is waterproof, this mascara has some staying power and will stand the test of the most intense workout with no smudges or smears.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Keeping a moisturizing lip gloss or lipstick adds that extra oomph to your otherwise bare face and is a great complement for the natural glow that you will have after your workout.  L.A. Colors High Shine Lip Gloss with Shea Butter gives you great color payoff while moisturizing your lips. I love this bright pink one that instantly brightens up my face and matches the extra pep in my step that happens after my workouts.


Sweat and foundation don’t necessarily mix and your pores will definitely be at risk of getting clogged because of it.  I like to ‘spot check’ my blemishes and even out my complexion with a couple of dabs of concealer. L.A. Colors Cover Up! Concealer is perfect for covering up your blemishes and evening out your complexion without the heavy feeling of foundation. 

The great part about these beauty goodies is that you can get them from your local Family Dollar store all under $6! 

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By Venus Miller


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