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Mother's Day Manicure Party

Celebrate Mother's Day by treating her to a manicure party. Let Mom unwind with a little help from blogger Adanna Dill from Rattles & Heels!

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How do you celebrate the trendy moms in your life on Mother's Day? We all know that the perfect gift or celebration doesn't have to be expensive but it must be perfect for that mom's personality. I've found over the years that moms truly appreciate good company and pampering. One of my good friends, Kelly, is a new mom with a 5-month-old baby boy and I know she could use some girl time. So I sent her an invite to come over for some girl chat and a Mother's Day Manicure Party.  I know that for us busy moms, manicures are on the bottom of our to-do list so I figured it would be the perfect bonding activity for us both.

To get the party preparation started, I took a trip to Family Dollar. I knew I would find affordable supplies to have a grand time at a price that wouldn't put a dent in my budget.

I picked up L.A. Colors Color Last nail polish in two hip shades, Horizon and Commitment. Listen, these colors are perfect and blend well with so much of my spring and summer wardrobe. I was so excited to grab them up! Plus, I know that Kelly loves pink. They are also long lasting (a whopping 10 days) which is perfect for us busy mamas.

In addition, I grabbed manicure kits, emery boards, nail clippers, cotton and nail polish remover for our Mother's Day Manicure Party. Even the cashier was surprised at how inexpensive everything was; all of the items were under $2. To complete everything, I bought girly pink oval tubs to store all of our supplies in; the tubs were only $1. This makes it easy for Kelly to take everything home with her. I'm really looking forward to our Mother's Day Manicure Party and some much needed girl time!

By Adanna Dill

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