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#FDFabulous with Family Dollar

#FDFabulous with Family Dollar

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When you're living on a tight budget, too often things like self care get put on the back burner. Don't be fooled. Your basic beauty needs like hair, skin, and body care definitely fall under the umbrella of self care. Taking care of inner and outer beauty is not an option. It's a must. That's why it's so great to hear of Family Dollar's Fabulous program that makes our beauty needs affordable. To get a taste of exactly what Family Dollar has to offer, I had the pleasure of attending an #FDFabulous event in Los Angeles.

From the moment I walked through the doors of Salon Aguayo for the Family Dollar Fabulous event, I knew it was going to be a day of shopping and pampering. For the first hour, I met my other fellow bloggers for this day of fun and I got a chance to get acquainted with the spotlight brands Tone, Smooth 'N Shine, and L.A. Colors, all of which I'd used before. Both Tone and Smooth 'N Shine hold special places in my heart. Tone bar soap was a staple in so many families' homes including mine. I appreciate that Tone is still the budget-friendly fab alternative to some of the more expensive body washes. With Smooth 'N Shine, I grew up using the oils and sprays when I had straight hair, so it's great to see the line evolve as our appreciation for curly hair comes into play.

After the mingling, Family Dollar gave each of us a $10 Family Dollar gift card and we headed off for a little shopping at the local Family Dollar store. Shopping is like a sport to me, and I enjoy finding the best deals and sales in any store. One of the great things about Family Dollar is you can actually find some of your favorite brands from beauty to haircare products for a super discounted price. And with their Smart Coupons program, some of your favorite products are even more affordable.

After shopping and a little lunch break, we headed back to the salon for the real fun: pampering. As a natural hair DIY kind of girl, it's not too often that I'm in a salon so this was a treat. And you won't believe who showed up to do my hair. Yes, celebrity hairstylist and Smooth 'N Shine team member Larry Sims! If you're not familiar with Larry, which I don't know how you can't, he's worked his magic on Gabrielle Union, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Wanda Sykes just to name a few.

To prep my curls for styling, my hair was washed with Quenching Co-Wash from Smooth 'N Shine's Intense Moisture product line that's great for textured hair like mine. These products are packed with macadamia nut oil and shea butter for maximum moisture retention. And none of the products have parabens or sulfates. After a quick conditioning and rinse, I was back in Larry's chair for styling. He used the Foaming Wrap Lotion with olive and tea tree oils to individually coil my hair. Let me tell you, that tea tree oil is no joke. My scalp was tingling as if I was getting a head massage. Half an hour under the dryer with a little cocktail and I was ready for the finishing touches. Larry took time and put love into doing my hair using Smooth 'N Shine just like I was one of his celebrity clients. That's love.

Once my hair was officially done, I sped off to get my makeup done with L.A. Colors. I'm always trying to find good mineral-based makeup that doesn't show up ashy on darker skin, and celebrity makeup artist Cynde Watson filled me in on what L.A. Colors has to offer. I really like the range of tones in the foundation, the flirty blushes, and of course the liquid matte lipsticks. Everything in this entire line is affordable, great quality, and cruelty free. Love it!

From getting the celebrity treatment with Larry Sims and Cynde Watson to learning more about the Fabulous program, this day with Family Dollar was exactly what I needed. With affordable brands and top-notch beauty products, you should check out #FDFabulous too. Remember, self care and beauty shouldn't break the bank. Visit your local Family Dollar store for budget-friendly deals.

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By Nikia Phoenix

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