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Summer Bronze Glow Hair and Makeup

Get your summer shine with these beauty tips from Family Dollar with Lynnette Joselly!

Summer Bronze Glow Hair and Makeup | Family Dollar Beauty Products

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Learn how to get that perfect bronze glow this summer using affordable hair and beauty products from your local Family Dollar.

Get Beachy Hair This Summer.

First and foremost let's start with the hair. Co-washing can be a curly girl's life saver. Just in case you didn't know, here’s some natural hair language for you: co-washing is short for conditioner washing, in which you use conditioner to cleanse your scalp instead of shampoo. So for those that find sulfate free shampoos are drying their curls out then it might be a good idea to give co-washing a try. The Schwarzkopf Smooth n' Shine Quenching Co- Wash will help repair dry and damaged hair. The key ingredients are Camellia Oil and Shea Butter, which work to hydrate your hair, whether it's straight, wavy, curly or coily.

What I love about the new Family Dollar Health and Beauty section is that they include products for straight hair as well as curly hair. So if I am styling my hair straight I can use the Schwarzkopf Smooth n' Shine Conditioning Polisher to protect my hair from heat or the Schwarzkopf Smooth n' Shine Styling Custard for curl definition. And of course I like to finish off any hairstyle by taming my baby hairs, so I use the Creme of Nature Perfect Edges for that perfect hold and shine.

How to Get the Dewy Sun-Kissed Look.

When I think of summer I automatically picture glowing bronzy skin. Which is why I would like to show you step by step how to achieve a super easy summer look using beauty products just from Family Dollar. To start off, if you are actually going to wear this look to the beach then maybe just opt for a tinted moisturizer or concealer to hide away any blemishes. I used the L.A. Colors Conceal It in color 'Tan' to cover my dark eye circles aka designer bags and any unwanted acne scars. Since I am going for a natural and relaxed look I will be avoiding eyeliner (shocking I know) but this is where the eyelashes come into play. I picked up some false individual lashes by L.A. Colors Flare. Though eyelashes seem like a small detail in a woman's face, it really can make a huge difference. I just feel more feminine with long and lush lashes.

Next up, contouring is optional but I am all for a sleeker face. I like to use a contouring stick that effortlessly sculpts the face in just a few strokes. The Wet n' Wild Meg aGlo Makeup Stick is so creamy and easy to use. I picked the shade 'Where's Walnut' to create depth and definition. Finally, it is time for the shimmer and highlight to really create a nice bronzed goddess glow. I used the L.A. Colors Iced Metallic Powder in shade 'Glowing' to apply on my eyelids, cheeks, and nose. You might think I am overdoing it but hello the goal is to create a radiant and dewy glow. Oh and it doesn't stop there, I wanted to take it an extra step and get my lips in on the summer fun too. I am using the L.A. Colors Metal to the Max Metallic Lipgloss in shade 'Glaze', and can we all agree it is so perfect for the occasion?!

Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat.

So we have covered hair and makeup for this summer bronze look, now we can't forget the body. And no I am not talking about showing off those abs that you've been working hard on. Most of us focus on our daily self-care face routine and tend to forget about the rest of our body. Don't worry I do it too, but we need to do better. I think it's because some body lotions can feel so greasy in the humidity that you'd rather just skip it. But since you will most likely be showing off your legs this summer, it is no time to miss out on the moisturizer. The Suave Essentials Lavender Vanilla Lotion glides on easily and absorbs quickly leaving your skin soft and smooth.

The good thing is that Family Dollar has an ALL NEW beauty and healthy section with more products for less. In July 2018 using Smart Coupons you can get $2 Off your purchase of $6 or more on all Suave products including hair care, deodorant, lotion and body wash. Which is why I stocked up on the Twin Pack Special Value Suave Deodorant, you know I have to make sure I have 24 hour protection on these hot summer days. Click here to check on the Family Dollar website for the most up to date offers as they regularly change.

By Lynnette Joselly

TWITTER: @LynnetteJoselly

FACEBOOK: @LynnetteJoselly

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