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DIY Holiday Snow Globe Craft Made

Let it snow with this DIY Holiday Snow Globe Craft made with bargain items from Family Dollar! This post is sponsored by Family Dollar. All festive opinions are my own

DIY Holiday Snow Globe Craft Made with Family Dollar
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! No, really...could you send some snow to Florida? There are definitely days when I miss the falling snow, especially when the holidays come around. While I don't foresee snow in our forecast anytime soon, that doesn't mean that my kids and I can't enjoy a little winter wonderland of our own. As we prepare for a busy holiday season, we're getting crafty with this DIY Holiday Snow Globe Craft, made with $1 items from Family Dollar! Create a little holiday snow globe of your own, the perfect way to keep your kids in the holiday spirit!

The holidays are always such a busy time for us. Traveling, cooking, wrapping, eating - some of my favorite pastimes. And while my husband and I definitely have our hands full, we have 2 very excited kids when the Christmas countdown is on. How do we keep them busy during one our busiest seasons? Crafts! When I need a quick craft idea, I head to my local Family Dollar, just up the road from us. With lots of great items for $1, I can grab plenty of crafting supplies to fit our family budget (especially when we have lots of last minute gifts to buy). I love how Family Dollar has lots of holiday inspiration as a part of the $1 WOW items, Price Drop deals and Smart Coupons for extra savings too. Ready to bring the snow indoors this holiday season? Make this DIY Holiday Snow Globe Craft with your kids!

DIY Holiday Snow Globe Craft

What You Will Need
  • Holiday Inspired Village Decor - only $1 at Family Dollar
  • Bag of Snow - also $1 at Family Dollar
  • Glitter
  • Mason Jars
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Water


Open your mason jar. On the inside of the lid, glue your little holiday figurines inside. Allow to dry.

Add snow and glitter to the glass jar portion. Fill with water (make sure to leave some space so your figurines will fit inside).

Screw your mason jar lid to your jar (upside down), making sure to twist extra tight so the water doesn't come out.

Now flip your snow globe over. So fun already!

To give our snow globe a little extra holiday pizzazz, I glued some red velvet ribbon along the outside of the jar.

Now shake!

And enjoy!

We may live in Florida, but we love the snow too! We're enjoying all of our favorite holiday moments with a little crafting help from Family Dollar this season.

How are you keeping your little ones in the holiday spirit this season?
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By Christie Cronan

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