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How to Make A Holiday Road Trip Fun Pack

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This past weekend, my family and I took a holiday road trip two hours out of our city to visit a Christmas Tree farm. We had a fantastic time and that was mainly because we prepared to enjoy the long ride. My husband and I always have a few surprises waiting in the car for the kids for road trips. We like to joke that they're road trip fun packs and do them year round but during the holidays we add an extra touch. I wanted to share some ideas for your holiday road trip fun packs that are inexpensive because let's face it, during the holidays every dollar counts. We loaded up our kids’ holiday bags at Family Dollar while taking advantage of their cool holiday selection. Here's what to put in your kids holiday road trip fun pack:

Coloring and Activity books
Coloring books are easy and fun for kids to use in the car. They can comfortably color from their car seats and usually keep kids preoccupied for a long period of time. If you can find characters and themes that your kids love, these books would be an even bigger hit.

A Soft Toy

Nothing makes kids more sleepy than long car rides. A soft toy is a great surprise for a road trip fun pack because kids can play with them while they're up. If they get drowsy, they can cuddle with them to go to sleep. This holiday season I found this adorable stuffed animal for less than $5 which is a huge steal.

Memo Book

For older kids who enjoy writing, a small memo book is a perfect addition to their road trip fun pack so they can write down ideas or travel journal entries. My daughter loves notebooks as much as I do so she's always making notes and drawing little pictures in these books.


We were really happy to find the kids some headphones with noise reduction at Family Dollar. I love that Family Dollar carries so many neat products. Since both of my children have tablets, using these headphones allowed them to both enjoy their games or read without disturbing one another. They are also great for other electronics. Be sure to pick up one of the fun gift bags over at Family Dollar and prepare for very happy kids on your holiday road trip.

All of these goodies are perfect for the holiday road trip fun pack. Just drop them all in one of the cool holiday gift bags at Family Dollar as they're only one dollar this season.

I hope your kids enjoy their holiday road trip fun pack!

By Adanna Dill

TWITTER: @RattlesandHeels

FACEBOOK: rattlesandheels

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