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Simple Gift and Gift Wrapping Ideas

Find fun gifts and gift wrapping ideas this holiday season from Family Dollar with Make It and Love It! 

Simple Gift and Gift Wrapping Ideas

I just love this time of year so much...and get so excited to start planning gifts for my family and friends. But there's usually a few people on my list I get stumped with, so I like to see what other people are finding, to get a little inspiration. Are you all the same way? Okay, well hopefully this will help a bit...because I had so much fun shopping and gathering ideas at my local Family Dollar and found the BEST deals!!

I found all sorts of ideas for Kid Gifts, Teen Gifts, and then Adult Gift Ideas.....and you guys, I had no idea how many unique toys and gift sets were tucked onto those shelves at Family Dollar!

And as a bonus, all of the toys right now are Buy One Get One 50% OFF until December 17th that's kind of AWESOME!

For the TEENS in your life, there were so many really fun things for them at Family Dollar. So many makeup sets, lip colors, and nail polishes that they’ll love! Oh, and those wireless headphones down there and that mini video arcade game are both such fun options for boys AND girls!

One of my favorite Adult Gift Ideas (or to give as a family gift)... is to buy a basket and fill it with all sorts of things! You could go with so many different themes and really make it fun!

No need to wrap it...because the basket counts as the "gift bag"! Easy, cute, and DONE!

Family Dollar had TONS of wrapping paper (and yes, super inexpensive) but they also had a bunch of gift boxes, bags, tags, etc. However, I really love personalizing my gifts, so I came up with a few ideas to make the wrapping a little more fun and unique, while using things that I saw at Family Dollar!

Ornaments are fun thing to add to presents, because then they can be hung on the tree afterward. And of course adding candy is always a win too! I also played around with using 2 wrapping papers together....and love the contrast of the two!

My 4-year-old Oliver keeps asking me..."mommy, what's inside? Is that for me? Is this a toy? Can I help you open it? Can I eat the candy cane????", not quite yet! ;)

Family Dollar also had quite a few printed bags that were already very cute...but if you want to make your bags special, you can add a little texture to the front! I really LOVE that 3D tree down on the right, that I made from scraps of wrapping paper...but those little hanging gold ornaments are probably my favorite! :)

I really love how something so simple really makes your gift special!

Oh, and something cool that Family Dollar is doing is they have an App with Smart Coupons that you can "clip" (which saves them) then use them at checkout. (There are no paper coupons. They're all part of the app.)

***Offers may vary by store and by day.

But they also have this game within the app called SmartSpins. All you need to do to play is download the Family Dollar app, sign up for Smart Coupons, and then enter your Smart Coupons ID (phone number) at checkout. After your purchase, you’ll receive a push notification or inbox message in the app saying you have a spin.

Pretty cool concept! I received an extra coupon for laundry products, which is something else I bought while I was there shopping for gifts. Bonus!!

Anyway, I love working with brands here on this blog (and appreciate so much that they help support my site), but I had the best time walking through a couple different Family Dollar stores in my area here in Oklahoma....and then coming up with ideas for gifts and wrapping ideas and then thinking of who I could surprise with these things! What a fun week I've had putting this together!

Anyway, if you'd like to see how I put these bags together or how I assembled some of the gifts, let me show you the details below!!! :)

. . . . .

First up---the 3D Tree Gift Bag. Decide on your gift bag size and then cut out a basic triangle shape from paper that fits on the front of your bag in the dimensions you want. Then cut 5 squares of wrapping paper that matches your gift bag. You'll also need a small square out of some coordinating paper for the trunk.

Fold your tree template in half and then fold each of your 5 square pieces in half as well. Trace your tree onto the folded edge of the folded square...and then cut it out.

Repeat with all 5 square pieces until you have 5 triangles.

Now, place one of your triangles in front of you and add either hot glue or rubber cement to half of the back side of the folded triangle. (I've tried both glues and they work great. Rubber cement makes the paper a little less wrinkly and the hot glue makes the tree a little stiffer. White glue would work too...but would take some time to dry. It's up to you!

Grab another of your folded triangles and place on the top of the first one, matching up the tips. Press to adhere the glue.

Then add glue to the second half of the triangle....

...and then press flat.

Repeat with the remaining triangles and line them up as evenly as possible as you're gluing.

To get a nice clean edge, trim along the bottom and side of your group of triangles.

Open up your tree and face it downward, so that the back side is facing you. Add hot glue to this side and glue it down to the front of your gift bag.

Press flat and smooth out any bumps.

Cut a small rectangle out of some coordinating paper and glue to the bottom of the tree for a trunk.

And that's it!

Next up---the Christmas Ornament Gift Bag! Select a gift bag, some coordinating (non-breakable) mini light ornaments, and a piece of very thin crafting wire.  (The ornaments come in a variety pack.  I just picked out the colors I wanted.)

Measure and make evenly spaced bends in your wire where each of your ornaments will go, to help keep them spaced evenly.

Then, slide one of your ornaments onto the wire and twist until locked in place.

Continue sliding each of the ornaments on and twisting them in place, one at a time. You'll have to bend them all in the same direction too.

Poke a small hole along the side of the bag near the front (about 1/3 of the way down the bag) with something sharp. Do the same thing at the other side.

Place the ends of your wire through the hole and then tape the end of the wire down to the inside of the bag.

Then fold the wire over and place another piece of tape down.

Repeat with the other end of the wire and tape it in place.

Repeat with the other end of the wire and tape it in place.

Then smooth out the wire along the front of the bag so that your little ornament lights are hanging evenly.

And that's it!

And finally---the Large Bow Gift Bag (which is the very easiest of all). And that's because the bows are pre-made and sparkly!

All you do is poke a small hole into the front of the bag...

...and then slide the wire on the back of the bow, through the small hole you made.

Pull the wire tight through the hole and then pull each end out in different directions. Tape in place.

Now, onto the wrapping paper ideas! For both styles, I wrapped my boxes in paper, just like normal.

For the Ornament Gift Wrapping Idea, I added some sparkly burlap ribbon on top of the buffalo check wrapping paper. But I tied the ribbon into a knot instead of a bow and trimmed off the ends at an angle.

Then I opened the knot back up, slid the ornament loop onto the ribbon, and then tied the ribbon back in place. That's it. Pretty easy...but a cute way to fancy up your gift!!!

Now for the 2-Tone Gift Wrapping Idea.  I wrapped the box with the base paper, just like normal. Then I cut a long strip of a contrasting wrapping paper that was twice as wide as I wanted the strip to be when finished. Then I placed the strip face down and folded each side in towards the middle, pressed flat, and then taped in place.

Then I placed the strip around the box...

Taped down one end and then folded under the raw edge of the other end......

...and then taped it in place!

Then I grabbed some red burlap ribbon and tied it around the middle of the box and tied the first half of a knot...

...then slid 2 candy canes in there before finishing off the second half of the knot.

And that's it! Unique wrapped gifts that only take a minute or two longer....but are just so cute!!

Now, for the Gift Basket Idea! While looking for things to add to your basket, get one item that's a bit bulky to help offset the smaller items. And try finding things that fit a theme, like this "cozy evening at home" theme.

Place your biggest item in first.

To help the smaller items to be seen, crumple up pieces of tissue paper and stuff them into the bottom of the basket.

Then start arranging your items into the basket, placing your largest items in the back...

....and then continuing to add items in height order, with the shortest at the front. This way, you can see all of the items from the front, for a more appealing presentation! And that's it....your gift basket is complete.

....and then continuing to add items in height order, with the shortest at the front. This way, you can see all of the items from the front, for a more appealing presentation! And that's it....your gift basket is complete.

I hope that was helpful and maybe inspired you to try something new!

By Make It and Love It

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