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The temps here in our part of Texas are finally down below the sweltering 100s. Fall is officially making its presence known with the cooler temps… can I get an hallelujah!? The transition of seasons and cooler temps always sends me into a nesting and reorganizing frenzy! The first area of my house to be “dressed” for fall was my front entryway. I made a mental list of what I was wanting to do. The area was a fairly blank canvas – a white wall, white dresser, and fairly neutral decor pieces. 

I knew I wanted to add pops of orange throughout the area. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money re-decorating for a season. That’s where Family Dollar came in! I was able to find everything I needed and more! 

Here’s the unfinished area before:

And here’s the finished area with arrows pointing out the goodies I found at Family Dollar.

My favorite decor item that I found was a gorgeous sunburst mirror. Would you believe it was only $10!? I love decorating with mirrors because they add a bit of depth and interest to your area. I also found two little scarecrows that I placed into an empty vase. A simple and easy way to decorate!

I had an empty wreath hanger that was longing to be filled with something pretty. Lo and behold I found two different styles of fall wreaths! Both styles were beautiful, but I ended up choosing the one that had the most orange in it. Remember… pops of orange! These decorations were obviously ones you would recognize and use as home decor. I knew I wanted a few more things and that it was going to require thinking outside the box a bit.

I found a black picture frame for a few bucks. Then I walked over to the greeting card aisle. At the end of the aisle, they had a fabulous selection of fall and Thanksgiving cards. I purchased a few that had bigger designs on them – one with a turkey and one with glittered leaves. At home I opened up my frame, took the paper from the inside out of it and flipped it over so that it was a blank white piece of paper I then took my turkey card and cut out the turkey. 

I had a paper doily lying around, so I glued the turkey to the paper doily. I then glued the doily to the white piece of paper. Inside the frame there was also a thin piece of cardboard. I cut out a small banner from the cardboard and then I cut out the words, “Happy Thanksgiving” from the greeting card. I glued the two together and attached it to my paper. I inserted my piece of paper back into my picture frame and voila! Instant fall art that only cost a few dollars! I also filled a jar I already had with some candy corn I found at Family Dollar. Nothing like a little treat to greet your guests when they arrive!

One of my favorite ways to decorate on a dime is by using old tree branches. I already had a vase filled with branches that had been spray painted white. I thought a fall banner would be cute to hang from the branches! I took the orange envelopes from the greeting cards and cut out a few triangles. I then cut out a few glittered leaves from my second greeting card and glued them onto a few of the triangles. On the four remaining triangles I wrote “FALL”. I then glued the triangles onto some All Purpose Twine that I found at Family Dollar as well! I hung the banner from my tree branches and that was it!

Decorating your home doesn’t need to break the bank! Hit up your Family Dollar for some fabulous home decor items. And remember… think outside the box!

By Ashley

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