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We are still getting our house put together. I guess I should say that we’re getting it put back together. We moved into our new place back in December and we’re still going through boxes and unpacking things. We are slowly but surely getting things back to normal.

One of the things I love about unpacking all of these boxes is getting rid of things that I’ve been meaning to trash (or giveaway) and buying new décor for the house. I love shopping for things to decorate with, but haven’t been able to do so over the past couple of years because of moving situations.

Family Dollar’s latest Home Décor Sale flyer had so many cute things in it that I just had to check them out in person. Comforters are 25% OFF and Wall Art is “Buy One, get One 50% OFF.” Plus, their super cute lamps and clocks are on sale too! I could have spent hours in there picking out things for our new house, but restrained myself and just brought a few of my favorite finds home.

Our new living room is still in the works, but I’m starting to pull it together. A simple but beautiful frame on the wall behind the couch is perfect for our living room.

It reads “Family – One of Life’s Greatest Blessings” with a tree made of mirrors.

I placed a picture frame (that holds three photos) on both sides of the quoted frame and filled them with family photos.  I finally have a personal feel in the living room.

I even found this “Family – One of Life’s Greatest Blessings” candle holder to match.

My color scheme in the living room is going to be chocolate brown, crème and brown; so this “Home is where your heart is” frame fits in perfectly.

The kitchen is another room that I’ve been working on recently. It’s my favorite room in the entire house.

I found these cute little “Fat Chef” frames and added them onto the little bar in my kitchen.

When I first married my husband and we got our own house, I had “Fat Chef” everywhere in my very first kitchen. This is my little “tribute” in my new kitchen to that.

Of course, no kitchen of mine is complete without a chalkboard. Family Dollar has this little Menu Chalkboard as a decal!

(Yes it is a real chalkboard). I just peeled it off of the paper and stuck it onto the wall in the kitchen.

It was so easy to put on and even pulled up nicely when I needed to straighten it out while applying.

Our new house still has a ways to go until I’m finished with it, but I’m loving all of the options I have to choose from at Family Dollar without breaking my wallet!

By Angie

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