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July 4th Front Porch Decor

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I love taking a day to celebrate our nation.  Barbeques, fireworks and our flag flying… it doesn’t get any better! Around the end of June I begin to notice pops of red, white and blue adorning the front porches around our neighborhood – American flags, buntings and festive flowers.  Little glimpses of the great day approaching.

I am proud to be an American and knew that I wanted our front porch to look just as festive as the neighbors’!

In addition to our American flag flying off of our front porch, I thought it would be fun to add a little something else for a punch of color. I also wanted to come up with a project that the young kids could help me with.  I love getting them involved in projects.  It gives them a sense of pride to help me with real projects!

I knew Family Dollar would be a great place to find what I was looking for as far as Fourth of July decor went.  In the gardening section, I found some inexpensive planters.  I grabbed a red and a blue one.  I also found some pinwheels designed to look like American flags.  I picked up two of these – one for each planter.

From my local nursery I grabbed a bag of potting soil and some white flowers. I thought it would also be cute to get some red or blue flowers as well! Unfortunately, my nursery was out of the kind I was looking for.

At home, I got each child set up with their own pot and they filled their pots halfway with the potting soil.  They then put their plants in the pot and filled it the rest of the way with soil.

To top off their project they stuck their patriotic pinwheels in the back of the arrangement. We arranged their finished floral arrangements on a table on our front porch. The project was a fun one all around.  Not only does my front porch look patriotic and festive.  But it was also a great project to teach my kids a little bit about gardening as well as giving them a sense of responsibility.  Every few days they are in charge of watering their own flowers and making sure their flowers are weed free.

Happy Fourth of July!

By Ashley

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