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5 Ways to Make a College Dorm Feel Like Home

As exciting as it is for students to head off to college each fall, it’s also true that “there’s no place like home” and kids do get homesick. Help make the transition easier for them by putting together college dorm décor from Family Dollar that gives their new space a comfy, “homey” feeling.

Pick up a soft and cozy throw blanket in a color they'll love. Whether they use it for snuggling or to warm up on a chilly day, it's an affordable and oh-so-soft way to make them feel good.

With all the late night "studying" they'll be doing, rest is extra important. A comfy pillow will make for a good night's sleep. It's also a good idea to have a few extra pillows for your student to stack while sitting up in bed reading or working on their laptop.

Laundry is done a lot less frequently when living in a dorm, so send your child with several sets of towels to get them through between washings. Family Dollar has loads of colors to choose from.

College kids order in and pick up take-out food all the time. A set of stackable nesting containers can easily be washed in the sink and will be used all year long. They make a great place to store snacks too.

Speaking of snacks and storage, you can get double duty out of one of the attractively designed fabric storage bins available at Family Dollar. Pack it full of your child's favorite snacks, and when the snacks are gone, it turns into functional college room decor. With flexible but supportive sides, the bins make perfect landing spots for just about anything.

Take a look through your local Family Dollar. You may be surprised at how much you can find to make your child's college dorm room feel more like home!

By Liz Mays

TWITTER: @BlueViolet

FACEBOOK: LizVentures

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