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Refresh Your Bedroom with Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar®

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I'm the girl who loves to hang out in my bedroom! If you're looking for me, you can usually find me there snuggled up with my computer or reading to my kids in bed. Though I've been in denial, a bedroom refresh has become oh-so-necessary. So when Family Dollar invited me to partner with them in their “Refresh Your Home” challenge, I was thrilled to spruce up my bedroom.

I received this basket of Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar® products for the task. It's a fun floral, yet modern scent that I found myself immediately drawn to. Using these products for inspiration, I headed out to my local Family Dollar store to buy a few home decor products. Here are five tips for a quick bedroom refresh:

1. Take photos of your bedroom with you.

Before heading out to Family Dollar, I snapped a few photos of my bedroom that I could use as a reference while at the store. You should also take measurements if you're thinking about purchasing large-scale pictures, curtains or mirrors.

2. Choose a color palette.

Before heading out, take a few minutes to choose a color palette for your bedroom decor. I drew my inspiration from the Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar® products’ packaging that had bright and spirited colors. I wanted more of that energy in my bedroom so I decided to stick with those colors.

3. Purchase accessories with a similar theme.

Family Dollar's home decor selection is pretty impressive! I love geometric shapes so I decided to go with that theme for my bedroom refresh. I was happy to find pillows, a mirror set and a photo frame that all fit into that theme at my local Family Dollar store.

4. Remove the clutter.

Once you’re finished shopping, make sure that you remove any clutter from your bedroom. I had to move a few books I’ve been attempting to read back to my bookcase from my nightstand. I kept the nightstands simple with a photo frame and a Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar® Jar Candle.

5. Make the style your own.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to make the style your own! For instance, the mirror set that I purchased had 3 pieces but I wanted to use two to represent my husband and me.

Now, not only does my bedroom look better but also it smells amazing with the Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar® products.

I would say that my bedroom refresh was a success, can’t wait to see yours!

This Glade scent inspired room refresh was created in connection with my appointment as a contributor to Family Dollar.

By Rattles & Heels

TWITTER: @RattlesandHeels

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