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5 Tips to Declutter Your Home with Family Dollar

Over the past few months, we've all accumulated a bunch of stuff! From the holidays to Easter, I know that I am not the only one buried under clutter. I was already ready to make a change for spring when Family Dollar challenged me to declutter my home. I was glad to have the opportunity, as I am known to procrastinate spring cleaning. My home feels so much lighter and peaceful now! I wanted to share 5 tips from my experience so you too can declutter your home with Family Dollar, taking advantage of their everyday low prices.

1. Toss out or donate anything you no longer use or need.

This was a huge one for me because there are so many things that we had for the kids that I didn't want to get rid of. My son's first mattress, baby toys, random holiday decorations, my daughter's old homework assignments, and of course, shoes that I haven't worn in forever.  Family Dollar had garbage bags on sale so I stocked up and tossed things I wanted to throw away in one bag and items to donate in another. When you do this, make sure to comb through every room and throw away anything that’s expired, broken or just old. Oh, and don't skip under your kitchen and bathroom sinks!


2. Clean all surfaces with vinegar and lime.
Your next step is cleaning the surfaces around your house. I stocked up on cleaning essentials: towels, gloves and a scrubbing brush, all for low prices from Family Dollar.  I was raised in the Caribbean, and my grandmother would always use lime and vinegar to clean. Rocking out to some of my favorite music through my headphones, I attacked all surfaces in my home from the microwave and the fridge, to the floors with the lime and vinegar mixture. The good thing about vinegar and lime is that it's safe to use in the fridge around food and on my children's toys. A smart way to save is to purchase a big bottle of vinegar at Family Dollar, which is what I did, and since I mixed it with equal parts water and lime I only used half of the bottle.



3. Freshen up your shelves.
With all of the surfaces clean, my next step was to freshen up the shelves. In the fridge, I replaced my Arm and Hammer Fridge N Freezer Baking Soda odor absorbers. In the linen and hallway closets, I added a new modern designed adhesive shelf liner. I found this one at Family Dollar and I fell in love with the neutral grey and white pattern. The plus is that it looks great with these inexpensive blue storage bins that I also picked up to organize my son's action figures and cars.



4. Create a storage system for small things.
Buy bins that are a little bigger than your current storage needs. This is an easy way to save in the future because as the kids are growing up, they grow out of their toys and books. In addition to the blue bins, I also purchased storage boxes with clip locks to store my kids blocks and puzzles. This way they can keep all the pieces together and not have to worry about losing them or worse, me stepping on them.

5. File away paper
I am really proud of my daughter and her progress at school, I love getting all the assignments that she's aced and artwork. However, there is so much paper everywhere that it was important for me to throw out older ones and file away the papers that I really loved.  I plan to start going through her papers weekly so it never accumulates like this again. I used an expandable file from Family Dollar and labeled each section "art", "report cards", "writing" etc. I plan to also make one for my son now that he's getting older and doing more projects at school.

Now you have my 5 tips for decluttering your home! Family Dollar definitely made it easy and inexpensive. You can take advantage of all of their special deals and $1 WOW items in their weekly ads.

By Adanna Dill

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