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Laundry Tips & Tricks for the Modern Family

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Let's just agree on something before we get started. We all hate doing laundry! I mean, laundry probably wasn't that bad before we had babies but as tiny as they are, boy do they go through clothes fast. In the past few years, doing laundry has become a part-time job for me (more like an internship since I don't get paid to do it). For instance, it's not even Friday yet and I've already done laundry twice this week. Twice y'all! But let me tell you this, as much as I hate doing laundry and folding for hours upon hours, clean laundry keeps me sane. When my family looks good, we have clean sheets and the laundry basket is empty…life is pretty good. So when Family Dollar asked me to share some tips and tricks with you to ensure that your laundry days are better and maybe a little easier, I was happy to dish some of my secrets.


Let's start with the toughest part of laundry; the stains. Of course, with kids you're bound to have at least one stain per load. Personally, I dread candy stains… especially chocolate stains. Well, that was until I realized that Dawn dishwashing liquid does a great job as a spot cleaning stain remover, especially for chocolate.

I like to purchase products like Dawn at Family Dollar, their new digital coupon clipping program called Smart Coupons at Family Dollar makes laundry days much easier. I was able to snag a coupon for Dawn to get rid of a chocolate stain my daughter got on one of her favorite dresses at a birthday party.

Other stains that we all hate are perspiration stains, especially if you or another family member plays sports or works out. It's a really tough stain coupled with the odor but you can get rid of both with trusty baking soda. Just add a teaspoon to your load and voila! Both stain and odor will be gone.


To get your clothes really clean, you must start before you put your clothes in the washer. If you're a city dweller like myself and use the laundromat or community washers in your building, always add some vinegar to a towel and wipe the inside of the machine before putting your clothes in. This removes any excess product that was left over from other users.


These days I prefer to use detergent pods whenever I can. I save my clothes and my money by not using too much laundry detergent and I get my clothes clean by using enough. It's not messy at all – the pods completely eliminate the possibility of a spill.

Hand wash

I avoid buying clothing that I need to hand wash as much as I can but sometimes I purchase pieces and read their washing instructions only after wearing them. In the case of items that must be hand washed, especially sweaters and materials that can stretch easily, I make sure to always lay them flat to air dry. I've learned the hard way over the years that hanging them up will cause them to stretch and become unsightly.

I dry most of my favorite clothing on the lowest drying settings. I find that this preserves my clothes from shrinking or losing color.

Okay, so here's the worst part of doing laundry; folding. I really hate folding so I like to catch up on some of my favorite television shows or podcasts while I fold. If I am not entertained, I feel bored so it's important that I distract myself.

Organizing your laundry

Recently, one of my girlfriends taught me to pack my kids’ clothes into their drawers horizontally instead of vertically. Let me tell you, this is a major game changer. Not only does it stay organized better but it's kid friendly and they have no problems finding what they want to wear.

Okay, so I think you are now well prepared to master your family's laundry. Write down your laundry shopping (you can also do this in the Family Dollar Smart Coupon system). Add vinegar, baking soda and Dawn dishwashing detergent to the list and take care of that load you've been avoiding. Don't forget to also check for Family Dollar weekly for everyday low prices because you can save even more when you use them.

Happy Laundry Day!

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By Adanna Dill

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