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Four Easy Steps to Getting Your Spring Cleaning Done!

Make spring cleaning a breeze with these tips from Denisse Icaza of Ahorros Para Mamá!

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The weather starts to get warmer and the ice starts to melt. Muddy boots and wet shoes are left on porches and cleaning becomes more of a priority. The unavoidable feeling of needing to clean the house starts to grow. To some, this might be an exciting time. To others, it’s an overwhelming list of tasks.

It doesn’t have to be a stressful time and Family Dollar can help you get on track. Here is how to plan your spring cleaning in four easy steps!

Step 1: Schedule it in your planner or family calendar.

Deciding when you're going to start cleaning will mentally prepare you for what is to come. You might be able to do it in 15 minute chunks or 2-3 hour blocks of time. My family usually does our cleaning on Saturday mornings.

Step 2: Make a list of what needs cleaning.

Write down what needs to be cleaned into a checklist. This way you can do it in smaller chunks of time without feeling overwhelmed by large tasks. For example, instead of writing “Clean the guest bathroom,” you would put these steps:

o Take out the trash.

o Clean sink and mirrors.

o Clean the toilet.

o Dust all the surfaces.

o Refill toilet paper and hand towels.

o Sweep and mop floors.

Step 3: Gather the supplies you’ll need.

Keep the supplies together in a basket to take from room to room. It'll make it easier to clean without distractions!

Step 4: Use multi-purpose products.

Buy affordable cleaning products that can be used for more than one purpose. I love shopping at Family Dollar for cleaning products. Family Dollar's Smart Coupons make it easy to buy my favorite products for much cheaper! I love Family Dollar's carpet cleaning spray for getting rid of stains on my carpet, but also on upholstery fabric and small rugs.

There you have it, four easy steps to help you get through your spring cleaning. Let me know in the comments below how you plan your spring cleaning!

By Denisse Icaza

TWITTER: @AhorrosParaMama

FACEBOOK: AhorrosparaMama

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