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Home Organization Goals For The Year And How To Reach Them

Make organizing your home simple this year with tips from Denisse Icaza of Ahorros para Mamá!

My home organization goals for the year and how to reach them

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The new year always brings fresh mindsets and resolutions. It is usually a great opportunity to start practicing new habits.

Each year, I begin by taking a couple of hours to set attainable and realistic goals.  I divide those goals into four categories: personal, financial, family and home organization. I write each of them down and then answer the question “why?” for each one. I have found that when I have a reason why, I work harder and persevere. After this, I list the steps needed to reach the goals.

The home keeping aspect of my yearly goal-setting session was added about three years ago, when I felt trying to keep up with housekeeping was hindering my ability to fulfill my other obligations and work on my goals. I decided I needed to pay attention to my daily habits at home and to set goals.  This year, my home organization goal consists of two words: Simplify and beautify (on a budget, of course!)

If you are also looking to simplify and beautify your home in the new year with a small budget, these are some easy ways to simplify your belongings at home but at the same time you’re making your house more visually pleasing.

Simplify: Declutter and keep only the necessary in its designated place

The less we have, the less there is to move around when cleaning and the more visually appealing the space becomes. Get rid of everything that does not have a specific purpose, and anything that does not bring you joy.

If you have a tendency to accumulate things in random parts of the house during busy seasons, get into the habit of having a designated place to put them, for example: a box in a corner of your garage for donations, a storage container for things going to the consignment store, and another plastic container for clothes and shoes being passed on to siblings, cousins or friends. I was able to find coupons for storage containers in the Smart Coupons section of the Family Dollar website and check often because new offers are posted regularly.

Another trick to help avoid acquiring too much or getting duplicates of things you already have is to have specific spaces for certain things. These baskets I found at Family Dollar were perfect for organizing laundry room products. I will not be accumulating more than needed thanks to having a limited space available for them. 

Beautify: Use visually appealing containers and organization systems

In order for my kids to be able to put away and find school supplies we had divided them into regular lidded plastic containers. They were not the prettiest, but they did their job. We were pleasantly surprised a couple of weeks ago, when we got these plastic woven baskets from Family Dollar, and my kids have been much more willing to put away their markers, coloring pencils and supplies since they enjoy how the baskets look. Who knew this would happen!

I then realized I am also more likely to utilize organization products if they are appealing and bright, so I went to Family Dollar and bought a few cute baskets and containers I needed for my laundry room and bins for the closet in stylish colors like mint, dark blue and grey. 

Another budget-friendly way to spruce up a room is to decorate with candles and use decorative woven baskets to store towels. They serve a dual purpose while adding convenience and beauty to the space. I also got printed curtains for the bathtub at Family Dollar which tied everything together nicely, for very little money! 

If you have set resolutions for the new year about being more organized and incorporating more beauty into your home in a budget-friendly manner, remember to make a plan that includes your “why,” list the steps necessary to reach those goals and stick to it by following those steps daily. Best of all, Family Dollar was a great place to get started with my home organization resolution, since I was able to find products that helped me get organized and give my home a more modern look.

By Denisse Icaza

TWITTER: @AhorrosparaMama

FACEBOOK: @AhorrosparaMama

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