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Freshen Up Your Home On a Budget This Spring

Make Spring Cleaning fun and easy with tips from Denisse Icaza of Ahorros para Mamá!

Freshen up your home on a budget this spring

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Family Dollar.

When spring comes around, nature blooming and the weather getting warmer signal a new beginning. I usually get an urge to make my home sparkling clean, freshen it up, and to make it a more welcoming place. However, a few years ago the reality was that the thought of a massive list of tasks to be completed and supplies to be bought diminished my enthusiasm. Thankfully, I have come up with solutions to my past deep cleaning woes. I’ll show you how to get it all done and how to shop for cleaning supplies at Family Dollar to stay on track with your budget.

Make a cleaning task list and timeline

Setting aside a full day or weekend of cleaning might not be feasible, especially if you have small children. Something that worked for me when my children were younger was to divide the large job into two- to three-hour increments and then schedule them in blocks of time when I knew I could have my husband watch the little ones. Now, my kids are able to help with different tasks and it becomes a family activity!

Some examples of jobs we might include in our deep cleaning are wiping walls, especially the ones in the bathroom and kitchen, wiping down baseboards, fans, vents, and making sure to clean under sinks, appliances, etc.

Buy what you truly need, it might be less than you think!

In order to avoid spending too much money or buying too many cleaning supplies, the first step is to take a minimalist attitude. Take into account what you already have at home: Look in all your cleaning supply closets and cabinets and make a list of what is really needed. And then take a little budget-friendly trip to Family Dollar! I was able to buy all my spring cleaning supplies there for under $15!

My favorite cleaning products for spring cleaning are:

  • Bucket
  • Large sponges
  • Dish brush or toothbrush (for scrubbing around small spaces like bathroom faucets)
  • Concentrated multi-purpose cleaner (I found a great deal for Fabuloso at Family Dollar)
  • Empty spray bottle to fill with diluted multi-purpose cleaner or vinegar-water mixture for windows
  • Paper towels
  • Gloves

Refresh your decorations

Everything looks better when clean. After a deep clean, the next step for making your home even more welcoming without spending money is to declutter as you go, cleaning room by room and organizing what you are keeping. Then, look for color-coordinated items, decorations and candles and arrange them neatly on visible areas.

Some things I always like to buy new to refresh my home every year are kitchen towels and a small rug. If possible, I also get a small rug for the bathroom. This year I got a few organizing containers, rugs, kitchen towels and a candle at Family Dollar to complement the decorations I already had at home, and all prices were very affordable to match my budget!

Spring cleaning no longer needs to be a dreaded task. If you break it up into smaller chunks and commit to getting it done a few times a week, it is completely doable! I promise it will freshen up your home and attitude and make it more welcoming for the new beginnings that spring brings.

By Denisse Icaza

TWITTER: @AhorrosparaMama

FACEBOOK: @AhorrosparaMama

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