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How I Save Money at Family Dollar

Learn how to save money with the Family Dollar SmartSpins app game with Heather Schisler from Passion For Savings! 

How I Save Money at Family Dollar

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Saving money everywhere I shop is important to me. I figure if I can save, why not learn how to save at each store I shop at? Most of the time it just takes a little bit of research to learn what coupons or apps you can use at each store to save money.  The savings are totally worth the investment of the small amount of time it takes to learn the system.
Family Dollar has an app that you can download to use digital coupons in store called Smart Coupons and also a game called SmartSpins that's included in the app that you can "play" after checkout to save even more.

How to Start Saving Money with the Family Dollar App
Download the App to your device
Be sure you have the most recent Family Dollar app downloaded. You might want to check the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to see if yours is up-to-date or check for updates on your phone.

Set Up Your Account or Login
This step is important! You'll enter your phone number at checkout in the store to earn a spin in the SmartSpins Family Dollar app game which is explained more later.

Sort Available Coupons
Sort under the "Sort By" tab if you want to search by category or there is also an "all" tab. My favorite is probably the "Biggest Savings" sort option because you'll see the best deals if you're truly trying to get the best deals.

Clip Coupons for Items you're buying
The way you "Clip" Coupons is to tap on the image you want and it will go to your " Clipped Coupons" tab at the top of the app. This area shows how much your coupons are valued at and the total number of coupons that are available to clip. Also, at the bottom of this screen is a tab  that says "Coupons" that will show a list of all the coupons you have clipped.

Also, if you don't know if the items you are buying qualify for a coupon, you can scan bar codes to see if the item is part of a Smart Coupon deal. I love this feature!

Once you have clipped all the coupons you want to, at the bottom of the app is a tab that says "Your List" and this is where you can see what coupons you have to match the items you're purchasing. There will be a bar code that you will scan at checkout to receive your coupon savings. You can also enter your phone number at checkout to redeem your clipped coupons.

The last thing you'll do at checkout is play the  Family Dollar SmartSpins app game for your final way to save! In order to do this be sure to have the Family Dollar app and enter your Smart Coupons phone number at checkout that you used when you registered for the app. This is how you get to spin in the game! You'll earn an extra Smart Coupon and every spin wins!

My Family Dollar Shopping Strategy

Shop with Smart Coupon Offers

I like to look for Smart Coupon offers because I tend to find those are the best deals!This was one of the great deals I recently found while shopping at Family Dollar. After my Smart Coupon I had already saved more on this item than I would have at the normal store I shop at.

Another great deal I found was on this Snuggle Scent Booster. There was already a reduction in price, plus with the Smart Coupon it was also less than I'd normally pay at the normal retail store I shop at frequently.

Please note that all deals and items shown are subject to availability and may vary from store to store.

Look for Store Coupons off Total Purchase

I also like to shop when there is a coupon available for a certain dollar amount off the total purchase. When I went shopping there was a $5 off a $25 purchase clippable Smart Coupon in the Family Dollar App. This helps save even more!

Use the SmartSpins App Game

Don't forget to "Spin" in the game for your last savings opportunity. To me this is the icing on the cake to save one last time. That might just be enough to get your happy hour drink in the afternoon! It all adds up!

I hope you'll download the Family Dollar app and take a few minutes to set up your account and get used to how to use the app. It will be well worth your time to learn it and then use it to save while you're shopping at Family Dollar.

If you haven't shopped at Family Dollar before, you should run by and check it out. Many items are less than $1 and most are priced less than $10 which helps stick with the family budget. You can also find name brand items you know and love and save with Smart Coupons and the SmartSpins app game!

By Heather Schisler

TWITTER: @passion4savings

FACEBOOK: @PassionForSavings

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