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How To Save More With The Family Dollar App

Learn how to save with the Family Dollar SmartSpins app game with Heather Schisler from Passion For Savings!

How to Save More with the Family Dollar App!

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If you love saving money while you shop, then you're going to love the new Family Dollar App game! SmartSpins rewards you for shopping by winning Smart Coupons for the kinds of items you already buy! 

SmartSpins is a NEW game you play to earn an EXTRA SmartCoupon at checkout! You have to have the Family Dollar app to play and you'll use your Smart Coupons phone number at checkout to earn the Spin! When you play the game you get rewarded with an EXTRA Smart Coupon! And don't worry, each spin wins!

How to Earn Savings using the SmartSpins App Game

Download the Family Dollar App
You'll need to use the Family Dollar app so that when you check out you can earn your SmartSpin! Make sure it's the current version of the app!

1.) Download the Family Dollar App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Shop for Your Favorite Items at Family Dollar

I love finding items at Family Dollar that have Smart Coupons available for them to maximize my savings!

What is Smart Coupons? Family Dollar has their very own digital coupon program called Smart Coupons. You can clip coupons online or in the app to redeem in store to save on your favorite items at Family Dollar! No more printing and cutting coupons and the possibility of forgetting them at home! That's what is so great about digital coupons! You're a lot less likely to forget your phone than you are your coupons at home! 


How to Sign up For Smart Coupons

1.) Download the Family Dollar App (if you haven't already).
*Be sure you have the current version of the app downloaded*


2.) Go to the Family Dollar website and go to the Smart Coupons Page to sign upNow you can start clipping coupons, viewing and redeeming your offers on items you purchase at Family Dollar!

Checkout and Enter Your Smart Coupons ID at the Register

Enter your Smart Coupons ID at checkout on the pinpad OR ask the cashier to scan the barcode in the app. Any Smart Coupons will automatically be deducted from your receipt that you've clipped and purchased! Plus you'll earn your Spins for even more savings and be notified with a notification or message in the app of how many you've earned!


If you haven't shopped at your local Family Dollar in a while, stop by and check out their Smart Coupons savings. Those savings are easy to spot with the bright labels on the shelves and then save even more with the SmartSpins game in the App! Family Dollar is an easy-to-shop store and items range from cleaning products, to health and beauty aids, toys, apparel, name brand foods and more!

Be sure to check for Family Dollar Weekly Deals in your local ad regularly in print and on the Family Dollar site for the most up-to-date offers as they are updated regularly!

All deals shown are subject to availability and may vary.

By Heather Schisler

TWITTER: @passion4savings

FACEBOOK: @PassionForSavings

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