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How To Have The Perfect Tailgating Experience Right At Home!

How to Have the Perfect Tailgating Experience Right at Home

It’s almost tailgating season! Traditionally, you’d gather up your friends and family before a game or concert, grab some ice cold drinks and food out of your trunk, and have a party in the parking lot. It’s a great way to start the party before the big game or a fun event, but what about planning a tailgating party right at home? It’s a fun way to get together with family and friends, and can be done on a budget at your Family Dollar! Summer is almost over, but the fun is just beginning. Shall we see how to have a perfect Tailgating experience right at home?

Chairs to Coolers.

The best parties are well stocked with delicious tailgate food and drinks. Keep your food hot and your drinks cool with everything you need at Family Dollar. You’ll find a nice supply of coolers and grilling essentials, perfect for any tailgating party.  Need somewhere to sit? They also have foldable camp chairs!

Delicious Sips.

You’ll find the perfect tailgating beverages from sodas to juices for less at Family Dollar. There is nothing quite like an ice cold drink while partying with friends.  Keep them cool with ice packs, or create your own make-shift ice bucket. I found the perfect size for only $1! SCORE!

Chips and Dips.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE munching on chips and dips at parties. Who am I kidding, I love them anytime, but they’re kind of mandatory at parties! With an epic selection to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding your favorite chips and the perfect dip to make your party guests in the mood for good, old-fashioned tailgating fun! I’m crushing on this Jalapeno Cheddar dip I found.

Tailgating Party Décor.

You didn’t think I would forget about tailgating supplies to decorate did you? Find all kinds of goodies for partying it up, from tablecloths to balloons! I even found these super cute mini sports toys that would make awesome accents for your fiesta.

Tailgating Food:

We already know you can get amazing drinks and snacks at Family Dollar, but don’t forget that you can get actual food too! Family Dollar has WAY more than just snacks!  I picked up some hotdogs, which I say are the perfect food for tailgating!

I love serving hotdogs wrapped with a napkin or paper towels, which makes for cute serving!  Stop by your Family Dollar today to see how you can host your own twist on tailgating right at home! Don’t forget your plastic cups and paper plates to make the party complete!

Happy Tailgating!

By Dawn Lopez

TWITTER: @dawnchats

FACEBOOK: HomemakingHacks

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