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How To Make Your July 4th “Sparkle” On A Budget

Family Dollar Store 4th of July Centerpiece and Party Ideas

This post is sponsored by Family Dollar all opinions are my own.

The 4th of July is one of our family’s favorite holidays! It usually marks the halfway point of summer for my son.

We always like to celebrate the 4th with family and friends, but we also like to keep it simple, and we definitely don’t want to break the bank! This year, I put together a complete 4th of July centerpiece, including some pre-party snacks, with the help of Family Dollar, for under $50.

I started with a super simple 4th of July centerpiece: first I grabbed a vase I found on clearance, red and blue paper shreds, 2 American flags, and some red white and blue flowers I found at our local Family Dollar store.


I added the paper shreds to the vase, and gave them a toss to mix them up. Then I added the flags on opposite sides of the vase, and the flowers into the center. To help mix up the flowers you can cut them apart with wire cutters. Super simple, but it definitely catches the eye!

I also added 2 yummy smelling Sweet Apple- Blackberry Pie candles I found at Family Dollar for a couple dollars each. Blackberry and apple are 2 of my favorite scents of summer, so they were the perfect addition to my 4th of July centerpiece!


I also added a pitcher of fruit juice to the spread. Plastic pitchers are great for parties because they don’t break, they look great, and they will hold a ton of juice, water or iced tea, so your party guests can help themselves to beverages, so you can focus on being the perfect hostess.

No table is complete without food! I scored these simple little dessert cups at Family Dollar, and decided they would be perfect with some fresh fruit topped with whipped cream! I like to use strawberries and blueberries because they’re some of my favorite summer fruits, not to mention the red, white, and blue colors make this quick dessert look very festive!


You can add strawberries and blueberries to the cups ahead of time, then wait until just before you serve to add the whipped topping, or you can let your guests add their own whipped topping.


I also popped up some popcorn (I used Family Gourmet brand), and drizzled melted chocolate bars over the top. Then I topped that with a handful of red white and blue M & M’s to give it a festive touch. I put it all in a couple red ceramic bowls I found at our local Family Dollar.

I think the whole thing came together very nicely with a red and white-checkered tablecloth with a fabulous red, white, and blue bow for the front of the table.


Your guests are going to want to party all day and night on this festive day, so when the sun goes, grab a few Tiki Torches to help light up the night!

But, be sure to grab some torch fuel that protects against those pesky summer bugs. With all the great deals we found at Family Dollar, we’ll be prepared with a perimeter to help keep the bugs out!

Are you planning a 4th of July party this year? Head to your nearest Family Dollar, and their array of festive products can help you put together a fabulous party without breaking the bank!

By Linette G.

TWITTER: @Linetteg

FACEBOOK: KidsFunReview

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