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Ready For The Madness! Let’s Plan The Perfect Party On A Budget

It’s that time of year again—basketball madness! If you need fun party ideas, look no further than your local Family Dollar.  They have what you need to put together a creative basketball party, from supplies to favors to clever ideas. Here’s just a few to get you started.

First of all, what’s a basketball viewing party without a bracket? Grab a piece of poster board, a marker, and a ruler to create a giant bracket as a backdrop for your party. Fill in as the games are played, and have fun guessing who’s going to win each round.


These mini-tubs make creative snack holders. Fill them with popcorn, chips, or other favorite foods. They make great portable bowls and your guests can take them home as party favors too!


Boxes of candy remind me of watching games at the stadium. Stock up on several varieties so guests can grab and munch while they watch the games.

Party food looks fancier when arranged on silver toned trays, and Family Dollar has them for just $2 each. Grab a few and use them to make the food really pop on the table.


When I spotted this Magic Cover Paper in a wood grain pattern it reminded me of parquet floors.  While there are many ways you can use it, I decided to fancy up the snack containers. You could also do this around beverage labels or snack boxes too. I measured and cut a few strips and placed them around containers like this can of Planter’s Mixed Nuts.  It’s easy little touches like this that makes all the difference when trying to create a festive party atmosphere!


Is watching all those games making you thirsty? Of course! Fill large plastic bins with ice and Gatorade and water bottles so viewers can refresh like the players on the court. Hey, cheering from the couch is just as thirst inducing!

You can also pick up other basketball party supplies such as tablecloths, paper products, and more. I like to have a few plastic tablecloths in the colors of my favorite team as the base for my table décor. These tablecloths are large enough to be draped along the wall as a backdrop too.


There you have it—several easy basketball party ideas right at your fingertips for the madness this month! Now that you see how easy pulling together a basketball party can be, I hope you’ll gather up your buddies and enjoy the fun competition. Which teams are you rooting for this playoff season?

By By Carrie of Making Lemonade

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