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The Luck Of The Irish! Let’s Have A St. Paddy’s Day Party

Pots of “Gold” with Thumb Print Shamrocks 

It’s time for everything to start turning green!! Spring is on the way and St. Patrick’s Day will be here soon!  What comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day? Perhaps you think of shamrocks, 4-leaf clovers or leprechauns.  But of course, if you think of leprechauns you’ll probably be thinking about rainbows and that shiny pot of gold as well!

Do you normally make any St Patrick’s Day crafts? They’re super fun to make and they are perfect for a St Patrick’s Day party!

So, don’t forget your “green” and let’s make these fun St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids!

While the kids are making these Pots of “Gold” and decorating them with Thumb Print Shamrocks make sure to have some green snacks ready to celebrate with! I just know that you’ll love these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas!

What you’ll need for the pots of gold:
Plastic Containers
Black Construction Paper
Green Paint
Rainbow Duct Tape
Clear Tape
Gold Wrapped Candy

Step 1: Tape the black construction paper onto the jar. Wrap the black construction paper around the jar and into a tube shape.

Step 2: Sit the tube/jar upright and trim the top to make the “pot” as tall or as short as you’d like.

Step 3: Wrap the Rainbow Duct Tape around the base of each tube.

Step 4: Using the green paint, paint your thumb (or your child’s thumb) green. Carefully use your thumb to make shamrocks all over the black part of the paper.Use the paint brush to lightly brush on steams for the shamrocks.

Let the “Pot of Gold” with the shamrocks dry as is OR add gold dots with the paint brush and the yellow paint. After the paint has dried, fill the “Pots of Gold” with candy!

While the Pots of Gold are drying, serve up some green snacks in these cute little personalized green tubs along with these green drinks! Everything has to be green for a St. Patrick’s Day Party!

For the Snacks:
 Green Juice
 Mint Oreos
Mini Moon Pies (perfect for little hands)


What you’ll need for the personalized snack tubs:
 Green tubs
 Sharpie Markers
 Green Tissue Paper

Step 1: Use the Black Sharpie to write each child’s name on their Snack Tub.

Step 2: Fill the Snack Tubs with green tissue paper. After that, fill the Snack Tubs with the moon pies and mint oreos!

Step 3: Serve along with the green juice for a perfect St. Patrick’s Day Snack that’s full of “green”!!

By Angie from Big Bear’s Wife

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