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Top to Bottom Spring Cleaning Checklist

The weather is getting warmer, and spring is finally here. Do you know what that means? It is now time to CLEAN! Different than day-to-day cleaning, once or twice a year I like to give the house a top to bottom deep cleaning. Getting started on spring cleaning can be an overwhelming task, so I have put together a Spring Cleaning Checklist to make it a little easier.

First things first. Before getting started on your spring cleaning, you’ll need to stock up on some cleaning supplies. I made a trip to my local Family Dollar store and picked up a variety of Family Dollar brand cleaning products and supplies. From all-purpose cleaners to dusters and sponges, Family Dollar brand cleaning products make spring cleaning affordable and they do a great job of eliminating dirt, dust and grime.

Less elbow grease is needed when you use good cleaning products. The easier it is, the happier I am when it comes to spring cleaning.

I found a great carrier at Family Dollar that makes it easy to take my cleaning supplies from room to room. It’s nice to have them all in one place.


Next, you’ll want to do a pre-clean. The purpose of pre-cleaning is to clear your home of clutter and put away misplaced items. You’ll want the surfaces in your home as clear as possible before the cleaning begins. You’ll probably need some large trash bags for this task. This is a great opportunity to donate your unwanted items to a local charity.

I like to do my spring cleaning from top to bottom, beginning with anything above your head like ceiling fans and light fixtures, and finishing with the floors. This top to bottom cleaning method is reflected in my spring cleaning checklist which is broken into zones.

Don’t try to tackle your spring cleaning all in one day. The spring cleaning checklist is broken down into 4 different zones. Plan to tackle one zone per day to keep it manageable.

Top to Bottom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Top Zone (Day One):

This zone includes anything above your head which are usually the most-neglected and forgotten parts of your home. Ceiling fans, light fixtures, high windows, cabinet tops are all in this zone. You might even spot a few cobwebs in your ceiling corners. Now is the time to use your longer vacuum attachments, a duster, Family Dollar Strong & Absorbent Paper Towels, and Family Dollar brand Window & Glass Cleaner, and All-Purpose Cleaner. I go through a lot of the Family Dollar Lemon All Purpose Cleaner. I love the fresh lemon scent.

Dust or vacuum all upper ledges and above cabinets
Clean range hood in the kitchen
Clean air vents and replace air filters
Dust or wash light fixtures and replace bulbs
Dust or clean ceiling fans
Dust or clean the top of door frames and tops of tall shelving units
Clean high windows

Mid Zone (Day Two):

The mid zone includes anything you see when you are standing up. This includes mostly windows, walls, book shelves and tall furniture. Gather your Family Dollar brand cleaning supplies. You’ll be using a lot of cleaning supplies and will appreciate the savings. You’ll most likely need some sponges, Family Dollar Window & Glass Cleaner, Family Dollar All Purpose Cleaner, furniture polish, a duster, Family Dollar Liquid Detergent for washing curtains, Family Dollar Strong & Absorbent Paper Towels, and lots of sponges. You can never have too many sponges.


Dust bookshelves and other tall furniture, including headboards
Wash, iron and re-hang curtains
Dust and wash window blinds
Wash windows
Dust pictures, clocks, mirrors, and other wall hangings


Low Zone (Day Three):

The low zone includes your most traditional cleaning spots such as the oven, bathrooms, and furniture. Basically, you are deep cleaning some or the areas that are covered in your weekly and day to day cleaning. Most of your spring cleaning efforts will go to the low zone. You’ll need most of the cleaning products mentioned above, but also pick up some Family Dollar Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner. It will make cleaning your oven a much easier task. For the bathroom you’ll need Family Dollar Bleach Cleaner to clean and deodorize and Family Dollar Bathroom Cleaner to remove tough soap scum.

Dust all surfaces
Clean and vacuum furniture
Polish wood furniture
Clean the kitchen oven and stove top
Clean pantry and toss any expired items
Wash and sanitize kitchen countertops and sink
Clean the refrigerator and freezer, and toss any expired foods
Clean and wipe down bathroom sinks and counters
Clean toilets
Clean out medicine cabinet and toss any expired drugs
Scrub showers and bathtubs
Wash bed sheets and change linens


Bottom Zone (Day Four):

This is your floor level which includes the floors and baseboards. Hang in there. You’re almost done! Be sure to pick up some Family Dollar Mop & Shine. It’s a great multi-surface floor cleaner that will leave your hard surface floors clean and protected. I love the fresh citrus scent!

Sweep hard floors
Dust baseboards
Vacuum rugs and carpets
Wash small area rugs
Mop all hard floors, including tile and linoleum
Sweep the front and back porch and/or steps

Now is also a great time to replace batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Make sure your fire extinguisher is not expired. Schedule a chimney sweep if your home has a chimney, and schedule your termite or pest control maintenance for the season.

Finally, you are done with your spring cleaning. Doesn’t that feel great? Remember, before you get started on your spring cleaning, head to your local Family Dollar to stock up on some affordable and effective cleaning supplies.

By Angela Sellari

TWITTER: @aboutamom

FACEBOOK: About a Mom

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