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Back to School Wardrobe on a Budget

Buying clothes and uniforms is a very important part of back to school prep. Many schools have a dress code for the students, so moms have to get creative with their budgets for their kids to express individuality and stay stylish while not overspending.

Every year I find new tactics to save more money on back to school clothes. It all depends on the school’s dress code:

  • If the dress code says you can buy the uniforms anywhere, shop around for the best deals and have the school logo stitched onto the shirts (if needed).
  • If your child goes to a school where the uniforms have to be purchased at a particular outfitter, ask around and see if the school sells used uniforms for a discounted rate or if friends have hand-me-downs.

Regardless of dress code, there are several tips I like to use to save money when shopping for school clothes for my children. They will help you get ready with all the necessary items for returning to school, while staying stylish and budget conscious.

1. Create a simple, but interchangeable wardrobe. Choose a versatile color palette. At Family Dollar I was able to find white, blue and gray shirts, beige pants and blue skirts that are perfect for mixing and matching.

2. Stock up on basics and layers. Buy enough socks, undershirts, leggings, and underwear to last at least one whole school week. Family Dollar has a great variety of affordable basics to choose from, with different designs and styles.

3. Express their style through accessories. Kids use accessories to express their creativity and unique style, which can be a money-saving tactic. Have your kids choose a couple of useful accessories, like sweaters and hair bows, and make sure that they are within school rules. Don’t forget to get shoes!


4. Get comfortable and durable clothing that kids can grow into. I like to buy a few extra pieces a size larger, especially when I find great deals, like Family Dollar’s everyday low prices for uniform shirts, skirts and pants. It also helps if I know my kids will be using the same uniforms the next year.

If you’re getting ready to buy uniforms or back to school clothes, don’t stress! It is possible to send off your kids with a wardrobe they like, without spending a lot of money. Make a budget will keep your expenses in check and use these tips will help you stick to it!

Happy back to school shopping!

By Denisse Icaza

TWITTER: @denisseicaza

FACEBOOK: AhorrosparaMama

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