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Valentine’s Day at Family Dollar: Heart OREOS, Chocolate Heart Bundt Cakes and Chocolate Roses Centerpiece

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Valentine's Day is coming up fast! I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I'm on a really tight budget this year. That's why I’m shopping for Valentine's Day at Family Dollar and buying Valentine's Day cards, gifts and ingredients for Heart OREOs plus Chocolate Heart Bundt Cakes. Because I’m a penny pincher, I was excited to save $2.50 using Smart Coupons at Family Dollar. Sign-up for Smart Coupons, if you haven't already! They are digital coupons that you can apply to your purchase by entering your phone number into the keypad at the register. You'll find a wide selection of over 130 coupons with values ranging from $0.25 to $5.00. Smart Coupons really can help you save more money at Family Dollar. And your Valentine's Day will be a little brighter because Family Dollar helped make your dollar go further.

Here’s how I saved $2.50 by clipping Smart Coupons for my Family Dollar shopping trip. My savings included a Valentine's Day Cards coupon, a Valentine's Day Basket coupon and a M&M's coupon. Remember to check the Family Dollar website before you shop for the current Smart Coupons. It's such an easy way to save money because there's no loyalty card to keep track of!

Want to get even more good deals at Family Dollar? Browse the Weekly Deals at Family Dollar to see the price drops and make your shopping list. I always look for $1 WOW (my favorite price!) and I found that price on Valentine's Day Cards, Chocolate Roses and more. Also look for weekly deals in the current Family Dollar ad. Please note that prices vary by location. What deals will you find at Family Dollar for Valentine's Day?

If you've got a Family Dollar store near you, sign-up for Smart Coupons today:

Step 1 - Click the red "Sign Up" button or text SMART to 28767

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Step 3 - Click on the red "Start Clipping" button

Step 4 - Click on the coupons you want to add to your account.

Step 5 - Head to Family Dollar! Enter your phone number into the keypad at the register to access the Smart Coupons in your account.

Your kids will want to help you make this Valentine's Day treat, It’s an "assembly only" recipe only requires three ingredients! Here are the instructions to make these Heart OREOs:


Ingredients Needed:

  • OREO cookies (chocolate and cinnamon bun)
  • M&M candies (red only)
  • Frosting (white & chocolate)

Step 1 - Stick your red M&M's on in the shape of a heart onto the top of the OREO cookie (white frosting for cinnamon bun OREOs, chocolate frosting for chocolate OREOs)

Yes - these cookies are really that easy to make! Now, if you're feeling more adventurous you can make my Chocolate Heart Bundt Cakes in the oven:


Ingredients & Equipment Needed:

  • Heart-shaped Mini Bundt or Cakelet Pan
  • Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake Mix
  • Water (1 cup)
  • Vegetable Oil (1/3 cup)
  • Eggs (3 large)
  • Hershey's Instant Chocolate Pudding
  • Nestle Tollhouse Semi-Sweet Morsels (1/3 cup)
  • Candy-coated Heart-Shaped Pretzels

Step 1 - Prep bundt or cakelet pan by spraying with no-stick cooking spray with flour and preheat oven to 350 degrees

Step 2 - Mix cake mix, water, vegetable oil and eggs according to package instructions

Step 3 - Add in Hershey's Instant Chocolate Pudding to make the cake more moist and add in 2/3 cup of Nestle Tollhouse Semi-Sweet Morsels to make the cake more chocolatey

Step 4 - Bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees or until you can insert toothpick into middle of cakes and it comes out clean

Step 5 - Simply decorate by placing candy-coated Heart-shaped pretzel on top while the cake is still warm so that the pretzel will slightly melt making it stick to the cake

I was happy to find a wide selection of Valentine's Day cards at Family Dollar at a $1 WOW price. Now I'm ready to send Valentine's to my family in Oregon!

Want to decorate your table by making an easy centerpiece? I love the way chocolate roses look, so I decided to make a centerpiece out of them. I used a simple glass vase that I picked up previously at Family Dollar and added some decorative green glass pebbles to it to secure my chocolate rose arrangement. The fun part about this centerpiece is that you can eat it too!

Chocolate Roses Centerpiece

Supplies Needed:

  • 10 - 12 Chocolate Roses
  • Clear Cylindrical Glass Vase
  • Green Glass Pebbles

Step 1 - Add green glass pebbles to your clear cylindrical glass vase

Step 2 - Stick the stems of the chocolate roses into the base then place on a red placemat in the center of your table.

While I was shopping at Family Dollar, I looked for Valentines that my boys could take to their class Valentine's Day Parties. I was thrilled to find these two popular candy Valentine's: Fun Dip and Skittles.

Go clip your Smart Coupons for Family Dollar so you’re ready to save money on your next shopping trip! Enter your phone number into the keypad at the register when you checkout. Everything you need for Valentine's Day is at Family Dollar at affordable prices!

By Heather Hernandez

TWITTER: @Freebies4Mom

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