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How to create an Ultimate Interactive Summer Refreshments Table

How to create an Ultimate Interactive Summer Refreshments Table from Meiko Drew of Meiko and the Dish sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company.

How to create an Ultimate Interactive Summer Refreshments Table

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone.

In my head, Summer and Fun are synonyms. I can’t think of a happier time (not even Christmas). Summer is the time of year that the sun is in abundance and I get to hit the beach, celebrate my birthday and overindulge on ice cream. It’s also the time of the year that I tend to beef up my party hosting skills. I find nothing more fun than inviting my friends (especially my girlfriends) over for a good summer shindig where we can just relax, catch up on life and enjoy some amazing refreshments.

I am the “go-to” girl for parties so whenever I have the ladies over I like to do something new and different. My philosophy is to keep it cute and affordable, so I find scrappy decoration ideas that keep my guests pleasantly surprised and inspired. Right now I am obsessing over party tables and DIY bars because they allows guests to uniquely be a part of creating the fun and lasting memories.

To get my table started I made a quick run over to Family Dollar. From food, to decor, to kitchenware Family Dollar is a great place for just about everything you need to pull off a quick summer get-together. They always have plethora of the snacks for my friends to munch on and they also have incredible seasonal items like these adorable summer-themed mason jugs that I thought were perfect for my party.

OOOOOOHHHH and I even found these super cute paper mache ruffled balls and giant lollipops which I just knew my friends would love.

Honey, I had to get pulled out of that store, I found so many cute items. But that’s ok, I’m sure I’ll be back to take advantage and stock up on Coca-Cola products all summer and you can too.


Want to create an amazing summer party table? Where there are a few things you need to know. It’s somewhat of a science to creating a memorable refreshments table. You need to think about layout ahead of time especially if it is going to be interactive. Here are a few tips to consider:

1) You absolutely need bright colored decorations. From the wall art to the table clothes your colors should scream summer. Don’t feel obligated to stay within one color or pattern scheme. Mix things up and have a little fun.

2) Consider refreshing old boxes and containers and use them for decorations and to help make the table more dynamic. For example, on my table I used old crates to hold my Pringles and Cheezits and used an old hat box to hoist up my mason jars. This creates a dynamic layers effect that is pleasing to the eye.
3) Don't feel obligated to fill every space on the table. Your guests will inevitably be moving items around so leave space for hiccups like spills, or for logistics like setting plates and utensils.
4) Have a variety of foods. You options should cover bother savory and sweet categories to satisfy every tastebud.

5) I typically like 75% of the table to be stationary items while the last 25% are interactive. For example in this case, I had stationary grab and go snacks like the cookies, cupcakes, Pringles and Cheezits. ⅓ of the table was dedicated to a build your own ice cream float station.
6) Make sure the interactive portion of your table is at on one of the edges of the table, not in the center. This way you don’t create bottlenecks and your guests have space to build their amazing food creations.

7) For the interactive portion of the table make sure your items are well spaced out along your table.
8) Make sure you have all the utensils needed next to the interactive section of the table.


I am the type of party host who likes to send every guest home with something special. For this summer get-together I thought a little backyard banter mixed in with a sprinkle DIY arts and crafts sounded perfect recipe for a day with my girls. And I mean honestly, what’s better to share than an ice-cold Coke during Summer’s hottest moments? I’ll tell you; a personalized one! This summer Coke brand products will have 1000+ names (including last names!) on the packaging which I think is so awesome. When it comes to making your guests feel special you can’t top a Coke with their name on it … unless of course it is a Coke with their name on it and a cute little outfit aka koozie. LOL

To get the fun started, I added a small table to the end of my food table to allow my guest to create the own KOOZIES which are a super simple and quick to make.


What you’ll need

Foam paper or blank koozies

Glue gun or foam glue


Ink (color of your choice)


  1. Submerge stamp in ink and press it down on the center of the foam paper
  2. Wrap the foam paper (design on the outside) around your Coca-Cola and use glue to seal the paper where it overlaps

After making these adorable koozies each of my guests have a great way to distinguish their beverages and also have a fun keepsake to remember our summer day of fun.

Turtle Ice-cream Float Recipe


½ Gallon Ice-cream

6 pack Coca-Cola

1 cup of chopped pecans

½ cup caramel sauce

½ cup chocolate sauce

⅓ cup maraschino cherries


  1. Add 3-4 scoops of ice-cream to cup
  2. Pour in Coca-Cola ¾ full
  3. Drizzle on caramel and chocolate sauce, top with nuts and maraschino cherry
  4. Add additional Coca-Cola once the fizzing stops or goes down.

By Meiko Drew of Meiko and the Dish

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