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Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes on a Budget

Somewhere in the craziness of summer and the rush of back to school, fall snuck up on me. The holidays are almost here and my family is already beginning to make holiday plans.

With a large extended family of over 40 people, holiday gatherings are always big and crazy for us, with lots of people and lots of food. Feeding a large crowd isn't always easy when you're on a budget, however thanks to Family Dollar, I'm able to purchase the ingredients I need for an affordable cost and still make great dishes to feed the hungry masses.
So what's on our menu this Thanksgiving? We of course have the normal turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole. However, with so many to feed, we also add on quite a few additional side dishes and serve things up buffet style. Here are some of the menu items I'm in charge of this year.

Easy Make Cornbread Cake
While we usually have traditional rolls, not all of our gang are white bread fans and this simple and sweet twist on cornbread is super easy and so, SO good. It also makes a bunch so when you're cooking for a crowd, it goes a long way.  What do you need to get started?
All it takes is just a box cake mix, a box cornbread and a dozen eggs from your Family Dollar store. You can find the easy cornbread recipe here. Mix, bake, eat and enjoy. The leftovers are great too, if there are any.

Easy Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and cheese is always a hit, especially when you have lots of kids and kids at heart.  We love this easy to make macaroni & cheese recipe as a side not only for the holidays, but for weeknights and when we need to take casserole places as well.
Just pick up butter, elbow macaroni, cheddar cheese, flour and milk at Family Dollar and follow the instructions here.

Easy Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are a must have at any gathering for my family whether it's a summer barbecue or holiday get together. They are super easy and always disappear quick as one of our favorite sides and a great finger food.
Everything you need for these can be found at your local Family Dollar store. Just pick up a dozen eggs (or more if you have a large crew like I do!), mayo, mustard, vinegar (or a jar of pickles) and paprika.  Find the instructions here.

Whether your family is four, or forty, Family Dollar has the ingredients you need to make your Thanksgiving meal a success with easy side dish ideas.  As you're getting ready for the holidays, don't forget to check out your local Family Dollar store for everything else you need. In addition to all the ingredients we found for the recipes above, we also found a big assortment of baking supplies, lots of beverages for entertaining and lots of cute dinnerware for you holiday dinner table.

What are some of your family's favorite Thanksgiving side dishes?

By Kim Ritter

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