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Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder Craft with Family Dollar

Make Thanksgiving fun for your little ones with this Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder Craft. This fun Thanksgiving inspired kids craft is sponsored by Family Dollar. All crafty opinions are my own

Did I mention that I'm hosting my very first Thanksgiving? Over 20 family members will be at my home in a few weeks, breaking bread and making memories. It's very exciting and also completely nerve-wracking to coordinate a menu, table settings...and oh yes, did I mention a slew of children to entertain? That got me thinking about how I'm going to keep our kids in the Thanksgiving spirit with this easy Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder Craft. A fun craft and Thanksgiving themed activity in one for around $5, these adorable hats will definitely make a statement for our first Thanksgiving at home. Ready to make yours?

Let's face it parents, when Thanksgiving comes to mind, FOOD is where the money goes. Focusing my budget on the menu this year means that I need to get creative when it comes to crafting supplies. So where do I go to stock up on affordable craft items? My local Family Dollar! Just around the corner from my home, I love that I can grab Everyday Low Prices on my latest craft project. And with $1 WOW items, Price Drop deals and Smart Coupons, Family Dollar definitely has crafting supplies that fit my Thanksgiving budget. I grabbed tons of great supplies (like $1 party plates!) for our Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holders, which eased the stress on my wallet.

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder Craft

Keep your kids happy and entertained this Thanksgiving with this adorable Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder! Make the craft then cover the table with paper and let your kids enjoy the day!

What You Will Need:

  • Small Black Paper Plates
  • Black Paper Cups
  • Yellow Ribbon/Decorative Tape
  • Yellow Construction Paper
  • Yellow Buttons
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Roll of Brown Wrapping Paper (only $1 at Family Dollar!)


Start by cutting out the bottom circle out of your black paper cup.

Then cut out the inner circle of your black paper plate.

Glue the lip of the cup to the middle of your paper plate. Allow to dry. Using ribbon or decorative tape, adhere to your cup as shown.

Cut out a small yellow square out of construction paper. Glue a small yellow button to the square. Then adhere to your cup. Done and so easy!

Don't forget to fill your Pilgrim Hats with crayons! I always count on Crayola Crayons for my kids' coloring projects. Thankfully, Family Dollar has our favorite name brand crayons in stock - so I could fill all of these adorable crayon holders!

And lastly, make sure to put down the coloring paper on the table! I use rolls of brown wrapping paper (only $1 at Family Dollar!) to make the kids' Thanksgiving table more festive. Then let the kids draw, color and have FUN all while enjoying family traditions.

I can't wait to see what our children come up with this Thanksgiving. It's going to be a colorful table!

While the menu may not be planned out, I can say that I'm so excited for the kids this Thanksgiving. I am ready with an adorable Thanksgiving craft and plenty of coloring fun for the table, with this Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder Craft, thanks to my thrifty crafting finds at Family Dollar. Bring on the family memories!

How are you letting the kids get in on the fun this Thanksgiving?

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By Christie Cronan

TWITTER: @raisingwhasians

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