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Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids (When You Have No Clue What To Buy!)

With two kids of my own and a whole posse of nieces of nephews that extends into the double digits, I’ve purchased more than my fair share of popular kids toys for birthdays, holidays and more. I’ve learned over the years what kids like, what they don’t and what’s a hit when the wrapping paper comes off.

With the holidays approaching, there are many of you shopping for kids’ toys now that your own children are grown, or the kids in your life are distant. So what holiday toys do you buy when you have no clue what the kids in your life love?

This week we headed out to our local Family Dollar store to find some great Christmas gift ideas for kids. Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for Christmas toys for the kids in your life:

Learning & Educational

I admit, the mom in me often wins when picking toys. It’s even better when I can buy toys that are fun and help kids learn something too. I love toy dinosaurs, science kits, books and more. If you’re not sure if an item is age-appropriate, check the box for the recommended age level and stick within one to two years of their age. When in doubt, just keep the receipt so that the child can exchange for another great learning toy that might be better suited to their interests.

Arts and Crafts

Crafting, coloring and creating are a hit with kids of any age. It can range from coloring books and crayons to crafts for tweens and teens. There are tons of great creative arts and crafts ideas for kids. The child will be thrilled, plus they’ll have something fun to do during winter vacation or their next snow day.

Favorite Characters
Whether it’s Ninja Turtles, Doc McStuffins, Barbie, Jake and the Neverland Pirates or another beloved character, if you know the child on your holiday gift list has a favorite character, your shopping just got easier. Look for clothing, books and toys that feature that character for their age and size. Your little loved one will be thrilled! At Family Dollar, we found a great selection featuring all of our kid’s favorite characters. They have given us a long, long list of requests for us to buy just in case Santa can’t get them all in his sleigh.

Creative Play

I like to keep my kids busy, so creative toys that require them to use their imagination and play independently are always on my shopping list too. Hot Wheels cars are great for motor skills and for kids to have mini-adventures. A toy kitchen can help your future chef cook up a storm. A toy doctor kit can help your child role play and learn caring and empathy skills.

Sports and Active

If the child in your life is active and always busy, sports toys, balls, skateboards or other active holiday toys are a great idea and will help them keep active. If you live in a northern state where the weather is colder, look for things that can be played with inside. Some examples include kid-sized basketball hoops, indoor bowling, toss games and more. We found a great selection at our local Family Dollar store, and all of them at great prices, even if you’re shopping on a budget!

What are you buying the kids in your life this year?

By Kim Ritter

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